10 lessons in 10 years and the biggest announcement we have ever made

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Ten years ago I was in the midst of starting up Force Fitness and Performance as purely a dream. I had hoped, along with Ryan, that we could create a type of gym that was different than anything Bloomington had seen or experienced.

Ten years later, I am 100% certain we did that.

Over the ten years I have learned some important lessons.

  1. Gyms are about community

    Community ideally comes from the people you train with. I love when I see pockets of clients forming friendships that wouldn’t blossom elsewhere. Shout out to the tribe trekkers, the late morning crew, the weightlifters, the 6 AM’ers, and other groups that have formed without us even knowing it.

  1. Relationships trump everything

    We have really smart coaches, I’d say some of the best in the entire industry of fitness, but that doesn’t matter one bit if they aren’t all awesome people.

  1. Training is about the long game

    “Everything works for 6 weeks.” Diets, workout plans, can all work for 6 weeks or a short period of time. Training is about the cumulative result over a year, or years and consistently showing up.

  1. Look for little improvements everywhere

    I have worked for 18 months to add 11 lbs to my weightlifting total, if I were just focused on big improvements or quick results I’d have quit a long time ago.

  1. There are FOUR pillars to fitness

    It’s not just the workouts, you must remember Food, Sleep, and Stress. When all four of those are improving you will see big success.

  1. But you have to balance with everything else

    The gym isn’t life, work isn’t life, life is all the pieces, from your family, to your work, to your own pursuits. Look for balance.

  1. Fads come and go, good training is here to stay

    Ten years ago we were the first gym to do a new model, and in that time dozens of gyms have opened and closed. Good training with good people is still a good thing.

  1. Stick to your principles

    Our core values guide what we do. They are the principles by which Force does business. Things outside those core values mean we won’t do them, it makes decision making simple and easy.

  1. Surround yourself with supportive people at work and at home

    My team is incredible, all of the people who have worked with me are pretty awesome. My family is equally or more incredible.

  1. There’s no place like Force Fitness

    I’ve been to 100’s of gyms in the last 10 years, visiting, speaking, etc, and there is not a place in the world like Force Fitness.

So it’s bittersweet that after 10 years I am also writing this. As of next week, I won’t be a part of Force Fitness anymore.

Force will still be the same, same coaches and same awesome facility. In fact I would venture to say that Force will be better than the same and I will be rooting for the success of everyone in this building.

I will be pursuing my passion of coaching weightlifting with my new weightlifting club 1Kilo weightlifting here in Bloomington. I will be reachable at the same email as always (wtflemin@gmail.com) and hope to grow weightlifting in the community as a sport which I think can bring so much value to the lives of young and aging athletes.

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