10 Things For Successful Fat Loss

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Whew, I am back from vacation and getting back into the swing of things.  Luckily coming back wasn’t too bad and the time away was very refreshing.   The trip was amazing and the time with my wife was even better.  It was great to be able to have uninterrupted time with her for more than an hour or so.

She deals with a lot, putting up with me and everything that I do.   There is always something going on for me at any given time.  I always have something on my mind or am working on something.  She often times takes a back seat to those things and she deserved some time away.

The last two weeks have been full of posts that included travel or at home workouts for you to use.  I hope that you got something out of them.  There was some awesome content, but it is only good if you put it to good use.

I am not even sure where this post is going to go, to be honest with you I simply started writing in hopes that something great will happen.   It hasn’t yet, but I hope that it will!


I was reading a blog post this morning on the top 10 things that it takes be to a great fitness professional.    It was a good little bit of info and insight that wasn’t new to me but was a good refresher.  I was also pleased to be able to say that our entire team here are Force does all of the things on the list.

This list got me thinking of the top 10 things that it takes to be successful with your fitness goals.  No matter what your goal here are the top 10 things that I think you have to do or must have in you to be successful.

1)      Motivation- If you don’t have the drive and desire to get to your goal you will never reach it.  Most people hope that they can achieve their goal or the say they want to accomplish something.  Many of us don’t have the internal motivation needed to truly succeed.  There has to be a driving force behind your goal and it must hit you at your core.  It has to be something that will push you out of your comfort zone and drive you to do the things that you don’t want to do.

2)      Education- All of the people that I know who are successful with fat loss or physical changes in their bodies and maintain the changes have taken time to educate themselves.   This might seem like I am putting myself out of work if I tell you that you need to educate yourself to get results.


Isn’t that why we are here, to provide you with the knowledge?


Yes, that is true.  However, we cannot be with you at all times and you have to be able to make educated eating and training choices when we aren’t with you (vacation, at home, during holidays, etc.)    If you know the hows and whys, it becomes much easier to make the right choices.   We aren’t asking you to know everything, but understanding a little and making sure to take some of the responsibility into your own hands will take you a long way.

3)      Persistence- There are going to be times where things get hard.  You will hit plateaus and gain some weight.  You won’t always make great progress.  Those that are most successful understand this and push through it.  You have to be persistent.  Putting forth the right effort and consistently doing it will get you through the tough times and get you back on the right track.

4)      Progression- We always have to be looking to get better.  The most successful people that I know in any area of life are always looking for ways to improve and push out of their comfort zones.    What works today might not work tomorrow!   You have to be prepared to do more, work harder and tighten up your nutrition if you want to see continual progress.

5)      Goal Orientated- This one might go right along with motivation and probably should be higher on your list.  I will make this very simple:  You must have a goal with a specific target and time frame to succeed.   The people that set specific goals (weight or inches lost in X weeks) have more success than those that simply “want to get in shape”.   When you pair your goal with your motivation you can achieve great things.

6)      Doing the little things- Successful people aren’t doing one big thing that gets them great results.  They are doing all the little things that get them great results.   If there was a magic pill that you could take, and exercise to perform or food to eat that would get you exactly what you wanted I would recommend it to you.   The truth is that you have to eat right every day, workout hard several times per week, and get enough rest to do it consistently to get great results.   It’s all about the little things.

7)      Anti-Social- This is one of those things that my wife hates about me!  If I don’t like the situation I am in at a social event I just won’t participate or I won’t go.  I don’t feel the need to make anyone else happy by going to an event where I feel pressured to eat bad food or put my fitness goals in jeopardy.   That doesn’t mean that I am a complete jerk. (Well, some people might say differently!)  If I have a goal in mind and it might be compromised because of a social situation I simply avoid it, I know myself well enough to understand that I will probably mess up and eat all the chocolate on the dessert table.   If you have the will power you can go to the events and just refrain from eating or drinking your goals away.  I will warn you to be prepared for some backlash and people giving you are hard time because of what you are doing.  Just know that they are upset at themselves for not being able to do the things you are doing for yourself.

8)      Prepared- Everyone that has some success is prepared to have that success.  You prepare your food and meals.  You prepare your workouts and schedule time for them.  You plan cheat meals and recovery days.   It is a fact that if you plan for things you will have much greater success.  Give it a try and you will surprise yourself.  Write out your meals, prep your breakfast, lunch and snacks for the next day, schedule your workout and let me know how much easier it is to follow the plan.  I plan out everything from writing these blog posts, my workouts and even my break times.   It seems stupid but it works!

9)      Help Seeking- Most everyone needs some help with fitness and nutrition.  Our entire team goes to conferences and we bring in experts to learn from to help us get better and increase our knowledge.  Most professional athletes hire strength coaches and nutritionists to plan their training and nutrition programs.   Most people that have achieved great things physically have a support system and team of people helping them with information.    Even I hired a coach to help get me to my highest level of fitness a few years ago!  I needed some motivation and guidance so I found someone to help me out.

10)   Confidence- This one seems to be the most simple!  IT ISN’T!  Most of those hoping to make changes in their fitness don’t have the confidence they need to make the changes in their bodies.  They don’t truly believe that they deserve to look and feel good.   It is a funny mindset.  They will beat themselves up trying to get there but not truly believe that they can or that they deserve it.   I have some news for you: If you are willing to put in the work and the effort then you deserve everything you want to achieve!   Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

This list could go on for days!  In my mind these are 10 of the top things that you need to get amazing results and get the body that you always wanted.    If you can piece together these 10 you will be well on your way to having the body of your dreams.



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