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Tick, tick, tick…..
Do you hear that?  It is the clocking ticking away at anytime you have wasted to get a jump start on your goals and New Year’s Resolution!
Thanksgiving is over and we now have about 4 weeks before Christmas is here, I have already pounded it into your heads that the average American gains 7-10lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  How much did you gain over the Thanksgiving holiday alone?  1, 3, 5 lbs??
Don’t let this stuff side track your results.  Don’t let it get you down.
If you were strong and did the holiday workouts, ate well except during your Thanksgiving dinner and didn’t gain a pound or actually made progress over the weekend, I am very proud of you.
If you fell off the wagon and made a few eating errors, let it go!  Get back on track today and make sure this week is the best fitness week you have ever had!  Don’t miss a workout, eat right 90% of the time and make up a little lost time.
The more time you let go between now and January 1, 2012 the more weight you will gain, the more out of shape you will get, and the worse you will feel.There is one resource that we can’t get back…. TIME…. so don’t waste anymore and make sure you reach out for a little help if needed.
To give you the bests results possible over the course of the week I am going to set up a Google Group online that will lend as a support group for recipes, motivation and questions.
I am going to take the first 20 people that want in this group and put you in it for FREE!  Just email me and I will get it set up.  You can reply to this email.  You have unlimited email access to me for the holiday season.
Ah, you know what?  I am feeling generous on this Cyber Monday and I am extending that to 30 people.  I have to know by Tuesday morning to get you set up.  I want action takers and serious people in this group.
Email me to let me know.
Also, if you want to get even more support let’s use the Force Fitness Facebook page!  Go ask questions, post goals, and really use it as a message board to sound off on your holiday fitness goals and troubles.  We will check it daily to answer questions.
Go and “Like” the Force Fitness page, check it often and friend me as well!
Have a great day and take advantage of these resources, unless you just don’t like to get results.Thank you for being such great clients and newsletter readers!  All of the Force Fitness Team is very thankful for each and every one of you!
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