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Today we have a special guest blog post from Rod Root, one of our awesome coaches and someone that take a lot of time and energy to research nutrition and supplementation to help you all get the best results possible.

So here is Rod’s post….

Go-To Supplements

Recently, I’ve had High School athletes ask me about supplements.  It made me feel old, but instantly I thought to myself “If I only knew then…”  I was in their shoes at their age.  I was always looking for the best new and extreme magic potion at the health store that was going to give me that extra edge.  After years of money blown and time wasted I discovered that there is no magic potion.  The only way to build a high performing body is through proper nutrition and hard work.  However, proper supplementation can be huge for an athlete.  The tricky part is which ones to use and how/when to use them.

The best piece of advice I can give is to use any dietary supplement just as its name implies- to SUPPLEMENT a healthy diet.  However, supplements can improve your health and help your body perform at an optimal level.  If I had to choose three I would recommend:

  1. 1.       Fish Oil

I encourage all athletes to invest in fish oil.   I do not have enough space to go into all of the benefits, but the Omega-3 fatty-acids in fish oil fight inflammation (think injury and soreness), promote joint health, support cognitive brain function and focus, promote heart health /circulation, and even improve eye health.  Fish isn’t always available and this is the next best thing.  I recommend 4-5 grams per day.  We offer two high-quality options at Force!

  1. 2.       Multi-vitamin

No diet is perfect.  A multi-vitamin is a simple way to fill any gaps your diet creates.  Males should opt for a “men’s formula” of some sort, mainly because it will not contain Iron.  Women need just the opposite and should opt for a “women’s formula”.  A good multi-vitamin will help the body combat the daily stress that school and sport can bring and prime the immune system to fight illness.   Don’t miss a day- Leave them on your bathroom sink.  You won’t brush your teeth without seeing the bottle.

  1. 3.       Protein

Athletes are constantly breaking down muscle and connective tissue.  The body needs protein to repair and grow!  Whey isolate is an easy way to fit in some extra protein throughout the day.  Whey a great option for pre/post workout shakes, breakfast smoothies, or snacks.  An athlete should try to consume around 1g of protein per 1lb of bodyweight per day.

The plain-Jane Whey proteins work for most athletes.  Ideally a good powder will have BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids), which are bricks that build your muscles.  After an intense workout our muscles are starving for these.  Think of our bodies as brick homes in Southern Florida.  Training or competition is like a hurricane that tests the foundation and strength of our home.  Our bodies are smart homeowners.  Immediately after (even during) the “storm” we begin to repair our walls and build them back stronger, sturdier, thicker, and bigger.  We cannot build without bricks! Grab a shake ASAP after a session or game, ideally with some carbs (twice as many grams of carbs vs. protein) to aid in recovery.

Protein shakes make excellent snacks.  Athletes can keep the dry powder in a shaker, add water from the nearest drinking fountain, and drink between classes.  Get creative with smoothies!  Buy frozen berries in bulk and toss a cup-full in a blender with a scoop of vanilla whey or try blending some natural peanut butter, a frozen banana, and a scoop of chocolate powder.

As with anything else in life, you get what you pay for.  Cheap powders are sometimes chalky and grainy, while some are downright nasty.  The Metabolic Drive chocolate protein we offer at Force is the best tasting I’ve ever had.


These are the top three supplements I would recommend to anyone, especially athletes.  Others I love are creatine, greens supplements, ground flaxseed, Vitamin B complex, probiotics, and green tea extract.  (Feel free to Email me if you have any questions about these!)


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