2010 Award Winners!

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Camper and Client of the Year Videos

2010 Boot Camper of the Year:

Marios Fellouka

Marios started with Force Fitness almost 18 months ago and it has been an incredible journey!

Marios went from being a bit shy and intimidated about working out and nutrition to an incredibly moitivated and inspriring idividual.  The first day that Marios signed up and started boot camp he wasn’t sure if he could even finish the warm up, let alone the workout.  We pushed him through it.  We weren’t sure if he was going to show up and come for the second workout.  We got him through the doors and over his sore muscles to complete the second workout.  The rest is history.

80 lbs of unwanted fat later Marios is doing our most advanced workouts and challenging himself as much as possible in the gym.   Marios started with two and three boot camps a week. Whatever he could fit inside of his busy pre-law schedule.   He followed the nutrition plan, used the Prograde Supplements (Lean, Protein, Multivitamin and Metabolism), and still found room to have fun!  You see Marios likes to frequent the bars and hang out with friends.  He knows that if he is following his plan all week he can have a bit of fun on the weekends.  When it is time to get serious about losing fat, he cuts it out completely.

Marios eventually added on a few personal training sessions and now juggles law school and training as much as possible in the gym.  He always makes 3 workouts a week in any combination that is available during his free time.

The thing that we love about Marios is is never quit attitude and his passion to get better.  He is always asking what he can do improve his nutrition or make his workouts more effective.  This has been a drastic lifestyle change for Marios and he is reaping the rewards.

Marios went from a XXL shirt size to a Medium!  He went from wearing size 42 pants to size 34!  But most importantly, Marios has gained an immense amount of confidence and inspired himself to do things he never thought he could do.

We are very proud of you Marios and happy to call you a member of our Force Fitness Family!

2010 Client of the Year:

Jill Burris

Jill is an inspiration to most of the others in the gym.  She comes in, gets to work, always progresses, and has fun to boot.  Jill is never afraid of challenge or to challenge herself, but it wasn’t always that way!

Jill came to Force Fitness in April of 2010, right after her 41st birthday.  Jill was starting to see the effects of her weight gain over the years not only on her health, but how it effected her family.   Some family health news forced her to take a good look at what she was doing to make sure she is around and active for her two young sons, Nick and Sam.

When Jill came to Force Fitness she had dieted and exercised before, but this time she wanted something different.  Something that she new she could stick to for years to come and that was going to work.  I am sure she was skeptical at first, but we certainly changed her mind.

The awesome thing about Jill’s success is that it came from just two days per week in the gym and some concious decisions outside of the gym.  You see, Jill works a demanding job focusing on helping other people in their time of need and pulls 12+ hour shifts, usually all nighters.   Put that on top of running around two very active and talented sons and not a lot of time is left for her.  I know several times Jill has come in with no sleep and done her workouts to the best of her ability .

Jill focuses on modeation with her diet.  She knows that if she is good most of the time, she can have that little 10% to indulge.  The key is that she sticks to the plan and doesn’t budge for 90% of her week.  When she does have that slice of pizza or a bit of cake, she controls the portions.

Jill lost an amazing 25lbs in her first 6 weeks at Force Fitness.  She hasn’t looked back yet.  Hitting the 67 lbs lost mark right before the holidays and losing over 33” from her body, 9” of that coming from around her belly button!

We are so proud of Jill and are happy to call her family at Force Fitness.  Her two sons regularly come to workouts with our Athletic Revolution/Force Fitness group in the afternoon.  She wants to leave a healthy impression on them and teach them that fitness and training can be a lot of fun and is a part of life.

Jill, we honestly can’t thank you enough for allowing us to work with you and help you make the awesome changes you have made over the last 8 months.  There isn’t a more deserving person to accept this reward.   You are a special individual because of your accomplishments, but most importantly because you are kind, caring, and inspirational.

Congratulations to our friend and family member, Jill Burris!

Bonus Video!  Angie hitting her pull ups!

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