Bloomington’s Fat Loss Clients of the Year!

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Congratulations Janice Factora, George and Jodi Trippany!

Very few great things in life come without a little (maybe a lot) of sweat, hard work and probably a few tears.  Our three Client of the Year winners have experienced all three in their time at Force and they deserve every bit of recognition that they are getting!

The Tripanny’s Story

The Tirppany’s are an amazing couple!  Their journey with Force started in 2011, in the very first team transformation contest.  It has been an incredible journey!  Over 110lbs later between George and Jodi they are proud members of the Force Family.

There story is incredible actually.  It would be hard to script something this great.  After completing his first transformation contest George lost an amazing 52lbs in 8 weeks to carry his team to a victory in the contest and also run away with the overall individual title for the contest as well.  George’s transformation is one of, if not the most incredible transformation in Force history.  To lose that much weight in that time frame and manage to keep it off is incredible, but George isn’t just incredible he is amazing losing another 30+ lbs in the next several months.

Jodi wasn’t to be outdone by her husband and competed in the following individual transformation contest, but this time she was also competing nationally!  In just 8 weeks Jodi dedicated herself to getting in the best shape possible and dropped 30lbs and several dress sizes, not only winning the Force title but being crowned the NATIONAL WINNER as well!

There are few transformation stories more incredible than the one of this couple.  However, they aren’t ones to settle and have continued to push the limits and challenge themselves with their fitness, nutrition and health.  There is no challenge to big for the Trippany’s- Tough Mudders, Plank Endurance Challenges, Prowler Push Challenges, Whole 30 diets, and more.  They are up for anything that pushes them to improve their health and fitness.

The transformation has been inspirational but the most incredible thing about the Trippany’s is their support for the other Force Family members.  George and Jodi are two of the most motivating individuals you will ever meet.  They encourage and inspire every one of the people in their sessions and across the entire Force facility.  Come into the gym at around 6:50 am on any Tuesday or Thursday and you will hear George hooping and hollering to motivate everyone to give their best.

With the empathy and understanding of what it is like to think a program isn’t for you, that it won’t work for you and that you can’t do it George and Jodi great and encourage every new member to give it their best, they reach out to help them and they mentor them through the first few tough days of training.  They are two of the most caring and giving individuals in the Force Family- and that is saying a lot.

“I couldn’t maintain any weight loss” were the words that came out of George’s mouth when asked what his biggest frustrations were before starting with Force.  Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight…. George was sick of the endless cycle and was ready for a change.  “I always lost interest in the workouts or nutrition when workout at home, but never at Force everything is changing and evolving here!”

Sometimes you just have to dive in head first to find out if something is a good fit.  That is exactly what George did when starting at Force in April of 2011.  He was sure the program wasn’t a good fit for him and that it wouldn’t work.  However, he was faced with the reality that if he didn’t try something different he would never make the changes needed get fit and healthy.  “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises or complete the program. I was worried that it was going to be like an aerobics class.  I was worried I would get bored.  I was WRONG!”  Since staring in 2011 George hasn’t looked back and now only asks himself “Why didn’t I start this earlier?”

The FAMILY atmosphere at Force is what keeps the Trippany’s coming back for more.  Everyone knows what new Force clients are experiencing and thinking, they have all been in their shoes.   It is a true community, something you have to experience.  Encouraging, accepting and motivating are terms that come to mind when George describes Force Fitness.  The other clients, the Force Family, pick you up when are down, encourage you when you are struggling and challenge you to be better than the day before.

George is not only proud of the changes he has made physically, but also mentally.  The challenge of completing a workout and changing his lifestyle has made him mental strong.  He now has a confidence in all aspects of life that wasn’t their prior to his first Force experience.

One of the biggest changes that George notes is his relationship with his wife, Jodi.  They are at every session together to provide motivation and support. It is amazing to see these often unnoticed changes.

“Take the first step and walk in”… that is the advice George gives anyone considering training at Force.  “There is

a coach ready to help you reach your goals, exercises that will fit your current fitness level, and an encouraging group of Force family members there to help you along the way.”

“I wish I would have started sooner.  I didn’t think it was for me… I was WRONG!  Now it is tough to keep me out… it is a great addiction!” – George Trippany

Jodi was frustrated with a lack of progress.  Walking on a treadmill at 4am only to see not results.  She had tried everything from gym memberships to home workouts, dvds and classes, but nothing seemed to work.

As soon as she started the program with George she noticed a big change in her body.  Weight was coming off and so were the inches.  With the help of the boot camp workouts and some easy nutrition strategies she was FINALLY progressing towards her goals.

“What if I fail?”  These are the thoughts that went through Jodi’s head when she started her journey at Force.  Like many others, she quickly realized that it was hard to fail when you have a great support system and a good training and nutrition plan in place.  There were and will be many ups and downs in Jodi’s journey, but she has overcome all the obstacles to get amazing results.  She knows that when she has a tough time sticking to the program there is a support team behind her in the coaches and Force family.  Everyone struggles with his or her own demons with food, exercise or body image, but Force has taught her that that is OK; we can work through that together. It is about never giving up even when you struggle!

Jodi has a hard time picking the one thing she loves most about Force, but if she had to pick on it would be that she knows she has a family here – “a group that understands and accepts me for who I am – warts and all.”

Fighting through depression and low self esteem, Jodi had almost given up hope.  She almost let the idea that she was destined to be fat get the best of her.  However, now she has a new outlook on life and fitness.  She is eager to take on the challenges and not afraid of taking on a battle or two with old habits that die hard.  Jodi looks at each day as a new opportunity to get better, become stronger and “when I am in doubt… I know that I have a coach and a Force family who will push me to be better, and get outside my comfort zone to overcome anything!”

Finish a 7k race…check….complete the Tough Mudder…check… make an incredible life change…check.

These are all things that Jodi said would not be possible without Force.  The relationships she has strengthened, mainly with her husband, and the friend she has made motivate and encourage her to continue to improve her fitness and take on these new challenges.

“The people at Force make me want to be better!”

“Everyone has DAY1!  You are never alone in your journey and all of your hard work, sweat and sacrifice will be worth it!  Let Force help you reach your goals and make TODAY your DAY 1!” – Jodi Trippany

 Janice “Barbs” Factora’s Story

Janice Factora, you may know her as “Barbs”, has been a member of the Force Fitness family for 3 years.  Through her time training at Force in both the boot camp and personal training programs she has managed to completely transform her body, losing over 60lbs of fat and maintaining her weight loss.

Barbs can frequently been seen sporting her Force Fitness t-shirt or other gear, she owns n

early every one that has been offered!  In fact, she is so passionate about Force that she says that she almost always wears something related to Force Fitness when not at work, because, as she would say “this is the pace you go if you want to be successful and reach your goals!”

Barb’s transformation is so incredible that she has to carry her before picture around with her so that when she talks about Force Fitness and her journey people believe her!  There is no one more dedicated to spreading the word, encouraging others to start their own journey, and full embracing the Force Fit Lifestyle.

Dedication and continued focus on her goals is what drives Barbs to success.  She is relentless in her pursuit of goals, isn’t afraid to take on challenges and always keeps her eye on the prize.

Before starting with Force Barbs was frustrated, like many people with the ineffective workout routines and diets that would never get the results that she wanted.  Finally tired of losing 10lbs only to gain 20lbs back a few months later Janice gave up on her workout DVDs, Curves, the YMCA, Weight Watchers and different diet pills to being her Force Fit Life.  Knowing that she was overweight and having her doctor tell her that she was labeled ‘moderately obese” she understood that she had to make a change, but was scared that she could not turn things around.

Barbs made an incredible leap of faith and faced her fears and frustration to join Force.  The thoughts of “why will this program be any different” must have been going through her head.  However, she quickly found herself a new fitness home and one that would stick.  The support, coaching and accountability that she received from the first day she walked into the Force Fitness facility were like nothing she had experienced before.

Finally, everything that she had needed in a program to succeed was provided and now she was finally being rewarded for all of her hard work, one pound at a time.

60 of those pounds later Barbs is still training at Force Fitness. She loves the workouts, programmed out to fit her individual needs, and also the sense of community that she gets when she arrives at the gym.   Not only has Force helped Barbs become dedicated to her fitness and reaching her goals but it has become a family affair.  Both her husband Tyrone, a member of the Force Olympic Lifting Club, and her son Zion are dedicated members of Force Fitness.

With all of her success and hard work Barbs now has a new confidence in life!  Maintaining and constantly improving their family’s fitness is a top proiority.  It is a rare occasion when at least one of the Factoras isn’t training in the gym.

One of the best things about Barbs is her support of the other clients, her Force Family.  She is one of the first people to welcome and make our new clients feel comfortable in the gym, which can be a scary place.  She shares her story with people and lets them know that she understands where they are at and what they are feeling, but encourages them to get better and that will some consistent work they will get great results as well.

“Do not waste your time anywhere else!  It is not impossible, you can reach your goals with the right program and the right people coaching you!  At Force Fitness you will reach your goals, look at me….60 pounds ago I thought it was impossible as well.  I was wrong!”  – Janice “Barbs” Factora


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