2017 US Master’s Weightlifting Championships Recap

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This past weekend several members of our Force Weightlifting Team took part in the Masters (35 and up) Weightlifting Championships in Savannah, Georgia. We had a great weekend of performances from everyone who competed.

The meet was to crown the best lifters in the US ages 35 and up. As a spectator, it’s an awesome event watching the lifters that are a lot like all of us competing and doing their best- there were even competitors in the 85+ age group lifting some serious weight!

Before we get to the lifting, I have to mention that Force had the best contingent of fans of any club in attendance. We had 16+ people there cheering for our team (and me) this weekend. When I ended up lifting at the end of the day on Sunday our gym had taken over the venue. Big thanks to all the people that made a weekend out of traveling 11+ hours down to Savannah to support the team, and I. It powered the entire team to some awesome performances.

Our first lifter of the weekend was one of our online clients, April Roach. April competed in the women’s 40-44 age group 69kg class. April opened in the snatch with a 45kg (99 lbs) lift, then followed it up with another make at 51kg, and hit a PR lift of 53 kg (116lbs) on her third attempt. In the clean and jerk April completed her first lift of 64kg, and second lift of 67kg (146lbs) for another PR. With her total of 120kg April hit a THIRD PR. To cap it all of April got the bronze medal for her performance!

Second up was long time client, Zac Hagemeyer (you might know Zac as the guy that is responsible for the awesome sound system at Force 🙂 ). Zac competed in the 35-39 age group, 77kg class. Zac opened near his PR in the snatch with a successful lift at 85kg (187lbs), he missed his second 2 lifts at his PR. However in the clean and jerk he came back and had an awesome performance hitting his final lift of the day for a PR of 116kg (255 lbs).

Our third athlete was Kylie Douglas. Kylie competed in the 35-39 age group in the 90+kg weight class. This was Kylie’s second Master’s nationals, and she came back from her first experience to have an incredible performance. Kylie hit a PR snatch of 61kg (135lbs), this was a huge milestone to hit in competition for Kylie. She came back in the clean and jerk to hit a big 78kg (172lbs), and even followed that up with an 82kg clean (no jerk). With Kylie’s total of 139kg, she wrapped up 3rd place in her division!

Our final athlete to compete was yours truly. I was competing in the 35-39 age group, 85kg class. I opened the competition with a 125kg snatch. On my second attempt I went up to 131kg (288lbs) and made it, setting a new national snatch record in the process. I missed my final attempt in the snatch at 133kg. In the clean and jerk, I opened with 155kg and made it on my first attempt. With that lift I set a new national record in the total. For my second lift I attempted 162kg (356lbs), I missed it. I came back on my 3rd attempt with another shot at 162kg, on my final attempt I made the lift, setting a new national record in the clean and jerk and setting a PR. This gave me a total on the day of 293kg.

On the day, I won the gold in my weight class, set new national records in the snatch, clean and jerk, and total, and was honored as best lifter in the 35-39 age group.

In total, Force weightlifting had one of the best performances of any club at the national championships. Each of our lifters continues to get better and better. Check out the video completion below that includes all of the lifters!

If you are a master’s lifter reading this, and want to be a part of our team for next year’s Master’s Nationals let me know – send me an email at info@forcebloomington.com. We have a full year to prepare, and I want to help you perform your best.

In Heath,


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