Meet Jake!

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1) Tell us a bit about yourself and why you are in the fitness industry? 
My name is Jacob, but most people call me Jake.  I am 24 years old (soon to be 25) and from northwest Indiana.  I have been involved with athletics since 4th grade when I joined the Lake Central Indians Wrestling Club.  I have done my best to stay involved in a sport ever since.  I obtained an Exercise Science degree while attending Indiana University.  While there, I was a part of the IU Brazilian jiu jitsu club and enjoyed rock climbing at Hoosier Heights.  After college, I got a job as manager of a gym in my home town.  Late July of this year, I contacted Force Fitness about a position as a coach.  As it turned out, I found my new fitness home.  Fitness, to me, is a way of life.  Finding my limitations and working hard to push through them is what drives me.  Seeing an individual fall in love with fitness and watching it transform their life is nothing short of amazing. I love fitness and want to help others find their love too.
2) Why did you want to become part of the Force Fitness Team?
While searching for a new job, I came across the Force Fitness website.  I was blown away by what the Force Team was doing here in Bloomington.  I went through each persons bio and immediately knew these were the people I wanted to surround myself with.  I wanted to learn from the best and the most passionate professionals in the industry; Force was the only option for me.  I quickly did a google search and found nothing but positive reviews.  Well, all but one comment.  I clicked on the one review that wasn’t gushing with praise and read the individuals comment.  The person was rather upset they missed out on a great special Force was running a short time before they called.  One of the owners, Ryan, went out of his way to amend the situation.  The level of customer service I could tell Force provided made me want to be a part of that culture.
3) What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
I love being active and spending time with friends.  I enjoy spending time outside when possible.  My girlfriend and I often take our puppy on hikes near Griffy.  In the very near future I plan to join Hoosier Heights to get involved with rock climbing again.  My guilty pleasure is netflix.
4) What are your goals?  The next 1 year?  Next 5 Years? 
My immediate goal is to learn as much as possible from all the talented people I work with.   Each person seems to have something unique to contribute to the team here at Force and I want to try to absorb as much of that information as I can.  In one years time,  I want to contribute to our facility doubling our clientele.  In five years time,  I want to be an owner or part owner in the Fitness/ Athletic revolution franchise.
5) Tell us one embarrassing thing about yourself!
When I was 3-4 years old, my career goals were to become either A) a monkey or B) a firetruck.  As you can tell, I really shoot for the stars.
* Ryan’s addition: If that wasn’t enough I found this awesome picture of Jake and immediately knew we had something in common!
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