3 Steps to Great Results

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There are three things that we preach to everyone that comes into the gym that will guarantee them the results they are after. 

These three things are also the first things I think people lose focus on during their time with us.

The 3 factors to getting great results are:

1) Consistency

2) Be Progressive

3) Make this a Priority

These seem like really simple and easy things to follow.  And they are!

We take a little wider approach to our fitness programs than most.  For our clients to get great results we must teach them how to train properly, eat right and recover well so that they can make their new program a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix program.

This might seem kind of odd coming from the people that do a lot of 28 day, 6 week and other short challenges to get people started.     We do these short programs to get people in the door and start teaching them the right way to go about obtaining their fitness goals.   We also want them to see progress in a short time so that they have some drive to continue to work hard.    

If we look at each of these three factors for great results I want you to ask yourself if you are using all three to get the best results possible.


You don’t complete a mile walk by taking one or two big leaps; you get there by constantly moving forward step after step in a methodical fashion.    Fitness and fat loss are the same way!   We get to our goal by consistently making the right choices, eating the right foods, and performing our workouts.  We rarely get to our goal and stay there with a fast 14 day crash diet and workout plan. 

The key to this is getting in for workouts consistently each week.  If you miss one, try to make it up and move on.  One workout won’t kill your progress, but two or three missed workouts will.

The same goes for nutrition!  You have to consistently eat the right way and eat the right foods.  It can’t be a 5 day hard core diet followed by 2 days of crap on the weekend.   This is where the 90% rule comes in so handy!

The second factor I want to touch on is about making this a priority.  If you want fast results and great results then your goal must be your priority.  You can’t be worried about not eating the junk food at a social event, going to bed early to get your training session in at 6am on Friday or taking 2 hours on a Sunday to prepare all your food.   

If your goal is important to you then you will do the things you need to do to achieve it.

Think of your workouts and meal times as scheduled events.  Put them on your daily calendar and treat them like important meetings that you cannot skip.  If you look at my calendar I have my workouts blocked off every day.  That is my time to get them in and nothing can go in its place.  If I don’t treat them this way it is easy for me to push them off and get some much needed work completed.

The final of the three factors is one of the most important.  This is the one factor that will easily get forgotten.  Progressive workouts and nutrition are essential in making continual progress towards your goal.

Each workout and every week you have to work to improve something in your workouts and nutrition.  We have to use more weight, less rest, more reps, a tougher exercise, or any one of the thousands of other variables that we can use to make you work harder to get the best results.

In our staff meeting last week one of our coaches brought up the story of Milo.  Milo was training for the Olympics and his method of training was simply to pick up one of the new born calves on his parents farm and carry it around a track.  He did this every day for years and as the calf got bigger and turned into a bull Milo got stronger. 

The key here is that the calf grew into an enormous bull and Milo got stronger because each day he worked a little harder to carry the heavier bull.  He may not have known what he was doing at the time, but it was evident at the end when he could carry a 2000 lbs. bull around a track. 

The same efforts must go into our nutrition.  You must work to improve each week!  We can always add more veggies, drink more water or green tea, eat closer to 90%, not go wild on the weekends, plan our weekly meals out better or one of many strategies can be implemented.

Master the new strategy or habit and then add a new one.  This way you are always improving!

I hope that you can use this as a little motivation to see some great results this week!

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