3 Things I Learned Through my Internship

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As my time as an intern here at Force comes to an end, I’m thinking about everything I’ve learned through my time here. In order to keep this blog post from going on forever I decided to just list the 3 things I learned that I think are most important. I would say that every lesson I learned can be taken from two perspectives – from a fitness perspective or a life lesson. I’m going to try to summarize each lesson into a catchy name, but here they are; teamwork, individualism, and spirit.


Teamwork: One of the first things I noticed that sets Force apart from any other fitness complex I’ve ever seen, is the camaraderie and support that everyone brings to the table as soon as they walk through the doors. How many other gyms have you seen where all of the clients who come in at the same time encourage each other and make them want to work harder? Within just three shadowing sessions with the training times, I saw countless people motivating the people around them. The same people who are with them at the same time, same day, every week.


Fitness is a team effort, regardless if it’s from an athletic perspective or not. People will always work harder when they have people behind them wanting to see them succeed. Everyone in Force is working for more than themselves – they’re working for everyone else in the gym with them who is cheering for them. That mentality of teamwork should be taken into everyday life. If everyone works together and pushes each other a little further with motivation and support, then everyone can get a little better every day.


Individualism: Alright, so I just talked about how everyone should work together, but it’s also incredibly important to know what sets you apart from those around you. Everyone at Force has a workout that is specific to them, no one will have the exact same workout as someone else. That makes someone feel so special to know that their workout sets them apart and makes them stand out as the spectacular person they are. Everyone is special in their own way, and in a slightly cheesy way, that can be shown through the individualized workouts the coaches write for each person who comes through. The coaches know everyone is different, and know everyone is special and brings their own specialties to the gym every time they walk in.


Knowing that you’re special and stand out from others is self-empowering. It makes you realize that you have importance and aren’t just a background character in someone else’s life. You are the protagonist of your own story. A small personalized workout that’s working towards your own dreams, that’s one way of showing just how special you are.


Spirit: The biggest thing that I love about Force is the atmosphere everyone makes within the facility. Every time I’ve seen a training session I can take one look around and see the intensity and drive in every single person’s eyes. No other gym can you say no one is just ‘going through the motions’ of an exercise. But at Force, everyone is giving each rep their full effort. The spirit and drive behind each person is amazing. It taught me to train with a purpose, and know that if I ever don’t give something my full effort, I’m selling myself short.


Looking at spirit from a life perspective, whatever you’re working on, give it your all! Knowing what you’re working for and knowing that everything you do will influence how much closer you are to your dream will make you want to work harder. Whenever the going gets tough, know what you’re doing it for, and want to get that extra step closer. That is by far my favorite lesson I learned while at Force.


— Clay Beeker

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