3 Tips to Maximize Your Training Using a Heart Rate Monitor

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We are in the age of data.  We are surrounded by it constantly – and fitness is no exception.  From number of steps, calories burned, and pounds lifted, to rounds completed, it seems everyone wants to know more about WHAT and HOW they are training.  However, data itself is a slippery slope.  Simply having more information doesn’t mean we have more knowledge.  We have to be able to take action based off what we are seeing, and we also have to make sure that these actions support our goals and a healthy mindset and lifestyle.  Though it might seem counterintuitive, these aren’t always one and the same.

One of the most effective pieces of training data we can utilize is heart rate. Training with a heart rate monitor, when used correctly, will help you individualize your program and maximize your results.  

The three keys are to:

  1. Monitor your “readiness level”, and adjust your training load accordingly
  2. Recover fully between sets of strength and high-intensity intervals
  3. Train HIGH and train LOW.  Don’t get stuck in no-man’s land

Check out this video for more details, and give us a call at 812-822-0636 if you want to learn more about how we can incorporate this into your training.

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