4 Things I learned from the Elite Training Workshops

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After spending several days in Frisco, TX teaching about 50 of the top fitness professionals in the country about running a fitness business I got to spend sometime with my good friends BJ Gaddour, Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey and Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz.  These guys are the leaders in the strength and fitness industry.  Seriously!  I am sure that you have heard of a few of them before and others fly under the radar for the general public and focus on coaching the fitness professionals.   The coolest thing about my trips like this are that I always learn something new from these guys.

Here are the top 4 things that I learned from my good friend at the Elite Training Workshop:

Bands are an amazing tool that are only limited by your imagination

I am a huge fan of bands, and that is obvious if you come into our facility.  We use bands in everything from the warm up to the workouts and in hundreds of ways.  I am a huge fan of bands because you can use them to train anywhere any time and get in a great workout.  Not only that, but the bands that “The Band Man” uses are great for anyone.  Athletes to the fitness junkie, advanced workout freaks to the absolute beginner.   If I had to start up a home gym it would be 90% comprised of these bands.  In fact, I never travel without my set of bands.

I got to spend a few minutes with Dave talking about training for our athletes and adults alike and how to better use the bands!  Watch out for some new workouts very soon!

If you want to pick up some bands, just let us know and we have them at Force!

Core work should be kept simple, but not easy

It is too easy to let your simple core work and functional training seem easy.  However, the simple little details that we try to pay so much attention to at Force Fitness make all the difference.  Simple things like birddogs, planks and other basic core moves can be really tough when done right.  If you want to get the most out of your training focus on the basics and do them really well.  I started thinking to my own training and realized that I focus on basic training movements all the time and try to keep challenging myself to do them better each month, month after month.  I never master the movements and it is always a challenge to my body.

It is fun to do fancy and new movements, however the majority of your program should be focused on doing things the right way and doing them really well.  Have complete focus on each simple movement and watch it, no feel it, become much tougher.

Corrective work must have a focus 

My buddy Eric Cressey is the shoulder guru.  This guy knows more about shoulders than anyone else that I have ever met.  He works with hundreds of baseball athletes from the age of 9 to guys in the MLB and he is the go to resource for our corrective work with shoulders.  This weekend after watching EC go through a ton of shoulder rehab work with our attendees at the event I realized that you have to really focus on doing these correctly.  This isn’t something that I didn’t already know, but after watching fitness professionals try to do the movements right I realized that it is even more important for our coaching clients to do these movements with a purpose.

Make sure that if you have corrective work, stretching or mobility work in your training program that you are doing it with a purpose.  I think too many of us try to fly through this stuff without thinking and get it done so that we can start our program.  Start focusing on your corrective work with the same intensity as your workout and watch your body change!

Metabolic Training is Fun!

One of my all time favorites is BJ Gaddour!  BJ is the godfather of metabolic training in this era.  He has been a good friend for a long time and has literally changed the way that fitness professionals all over the world program their boot camps and metabolic conditioning.  BJ always makes things fun and he is one of the funniest guys that I know.  Not to mention that he has a motor that doesn’t stop and is the sweatiest man alive.  A title that I once thought went to me!

BJ has so many ways to plan out your metabolic training and it makes it fun to continually see the changes he makes.

One thing that I got from BJ this weekend is that we have to continue to challenge ourselves in a workout.  You must have the mental toughness to push as hard as you possibly can to get the results you want.  Don’t let the little voice in your head let you stop or keep you from reaching the next level.  The great thing about metabolic training is that you don’t have to think about anything, just do it.  Make sure you are pushing as hard as possible during your short, intense metabolic workouts so that you get the absolute maximal results from your program.


I hope that you can take these 4 things and make your training even better than it already is!  I know that it will change the way I look at my personal training programs and our clients’ programs at Force.

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  • Karen

    I just want to thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge of have and you continue to acquire. Keep up the great work!

    FYI, I am starting up a new boot camp in May and would love to incorporate bands into my training. Could you please let me know how much they cost and do you provide workout ideas with the bands? Please advise.



    • Force


      I am emailing you right now to touch base.

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