Rock Solid Abs Part 3

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This is it! The final installment of Rock Solid Abs. So far we have shown you simple, but challenging, exercises that not only will make you look better but move and feel better as well.

The greatest part about the progressions we have shown you is the lack of equipment needed. No stupid ab rocker, shaking piece of crap, or twisty turner things to make your back hurt and your wallet lighter. In fact if you bought everything we have shown you in the videos I think you would be dropping right around $30! Not too bad for the best core work you can do!

Wil and I have made it a point to bring a lot of these exercises back into our programming and we are doing many of them ourselves. I can tell you that you can make the simple ones very challenging if you make sure you are doing the correctly.

This final part of Rock Solid Abs is all about integrating core stability with movement. Being able to maintain your spinal and core integrity, stability and strength throughout a movement is very important in everyday life and training!

We are resisting tension, moving through ranges of motion and generally making this miserable on your abs with these exercises. It is important that you are able to hold your core tight and braced as you perform these. If at anytime your back hurt, you need to take a few steps back and assess your ability to perform the movement correctly. You might need to spend some time at the lower levels for a bit before moving on.

Check out these core exercises: (If the video doesn’t play go to

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