Congrats to Vaughn, Force Fitness Client of the Month!

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Congratulations to Vaughn Mitchell the Force Fitness Client of the Month!


Vaughn has been working hard at Force Fitness for over 2 years.  He is never satisfied and is always looking to push himself.

Vaughn began training with us to prepare himself for his first marathon, (A big step for a former D1 football player), at the time he weighed almost 260 lbs.  His training initially focused on being able to handle the rigors of marathon running by developing core strength and stability along with shedding some lbs.

By the time Vaughn completed his marathon training he weighed in at 198 lbs (62 lbs lost). Post marathon Vaughn wanted to change the focus of his program to building muscle and getting back to his “playing shape.”  Goal accomplished: Vaughn has put on over 20 lbs of lean bodyweight and is the strongest person training at Force (450 lb deadlift, 400 lb squat) and  because of his training program, diet, and HARD WORK!

A great motivator for Vaughn has been working out in a supportive and fun environment (with friends and co-workers that he referred), where the workouts are designed for him but never get boring.  Vaughn is also motivated to work so hard because of his responsibilities as the IU women’s rugby coach. Being in great shape allows Vaughn to train with his players.

Congratulations to Vaughn for being Client of the Month!

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