5 Best Flat Ab Exercises

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Alright, with summer quickly approaching we are getting more and more requests for exercises or tips to get a flat stomach.  While we can’t spot reduce the fat around the mid section these movements and exercises paired up with a great nutrition plan will get you back into swim suit shape and read to show off those flat abs all summer in a hurry!

Exercise #1

The plank or pillar.  This is one of the most basic exercises that one can do yet one of the most effective.  If you can hold this for 2 minutes straight your midsection is strong and most likely flat.   Most of you should know how to perform a plank.  Begin with your elbows right under your shoulders and forearms on the ground.  You should balance yourself on your toes and elbows and keep the body in a straight line.  Head is down and looking right between the elbows and you should have a nice neutral arch in the back.  Do not let the hips sag or lower back arch too much.

This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles that go around the waist like a belt.  So the stronger and more tight you get them the flatter your abs will appear.

And you thought we just did the plank for a warm up!
Exercise #2

Barbell Rollouts

This movement is the big brother of the stability ball or wheel rollout but I promise that you will work your abs like never before when you have to haul a little weight back and forth in this movement.

Here is one of our superstar clients doing a rollout with 40 kilos (that is 88 lbs for you folks that can’t do conversions).

Exercise #3

Prone Step Off

This movement is much like a plank on a ball but with some added extra movement.  If you do this slow and controlled you will find ab muscles that you didn’t know that you had.  The trick is to start with your toes on the ball and slowly remove one foot and touch it to the floor without moving or tilting your hips.  Replace the foot and do the same with the other foot.

Prone Step Off 1Prone Step Off 2

Exercise #4

Spiderman Push Up

This is an advanced version of a push up where you bring one knee up to the elbow without touching the foot to the floor as you lower yourself into the push up.   This is brutal on the abs and it will give you a great chest and arms as well.

Melissa Spiderman Push UP

Exercise #5

This is the real big bang for your buck exercise for losing some fat and getting a flat stomach.

It is called the push away.

Not a fancy name, but it does the trick.

You should simply push yourself away from the table and not eat too much.  Or another variation is pushing away the bad food and only eating the healthy food!

This is going to the be the most effective movement that you can do each and every day.

If you did 30 push aways over the next month and a few of the other things we mentioned you will be well on your way to a flat stomach.

One way to get in some of those extra exercises is join the Summer Shape Up Program.

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