5 Quickie Summer Shape Up Tips

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With the beginning of summer creeping closer by the hours it might be a bit too late to really start making huge changes to your body so you can look good in with your shirt off or in your bikini, but that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

I would hope that you have been listening to my advice for weeks, if not months now, in preparation for swim suit season, but if you have not there are a few ways that you can make some big changes fast and look as good as possible!

1)  Add in 20-30 minutes of intervals 2 or three days per week.   If you are working out two or three days per week really crank up that metabolism for a few weeks and add in another 20-30 minutes two or three days per week.  It doesn’t take long and it will have the same effect on your spare tire around your waist as a nail in the tire of your car.  It will make it go flat fast.

2) Cut out any and all carbs for 5 days before you have to look your best and then add some back in the night before.  If you cut out all of your carbohydrate intake that isn’t veggie related you will drop a fair amount of water and fat weight in just a few days.  However, after a few days you will be tired, have a headache, and feel flat and weak.    If you carb up with some starchy carbs, not a ton or you will get bloated, the night before you have to look your best you will replace some of your glycogen stores and fill up the muscles and look lean.  If you do a quick 20 minute workout before that and then eat the carbs the effect will be even greater.  I have use this method myself.

While it isn’t the healthiest or longest lasting tip but it will work.  This is best used in those that have only 5-10 lbs to lose to look really great.

3)  Increase your water intake.  If you are feeling a little bloated and full you should increase your water intake.  If you push in as much water as possible the body will start to dump a lot of it because it knows it doesn’t need to hang on to it anymore.   It might seem counterproductive to drink more water if you are full of water, but trust me this works.  The extra water will decrease your hunger and cravings as well as help to push out some excess water.  Go back to normal water intake or slightly below for 24 hours and see if your belly looks a little flatter.

4)  Perform planks or pillars and their variations to help draw in the belly button and flatten the stomach.  While this won’t have a drastic effect on your appearance it will help you be healthier and look a little leaner.   Work up to two minutes of a front plank or pillar and two minutes on a side plank or pillar.  At this point you can begin to add variations of this and add some movement.

Doing the pillar variations will help to tighten up the natural girdle or muscle that you have around your midsection and tighten everything up.  Crunches don’t do that.

5)  Use Prograde Metabolism.  If you are doing everything right and need a quick boost you can use Prograde Nutrition’s latest supplement Metabolism.  This is a fat burner that will increase the rate of fat that you burn.  It isn’t a miracle drug or magic pill but it can help to give you a little boost if you are doing everything right and want to get to your goal a bit faster.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that many of these are quick fixes to problems that should be addressed for long term health at some point.   If you find yourself in a spot and need to look great quick, there are a few of the ways that you can do it.

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