5 Simple Things For Incredible Results

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I am reading a book right now that was rambling off some stats and it seems that about 2.5% of our changes in nutrition and exercise can make the biggest differences.  I am probably misquoting the book, but it was a very small change to get big results.  In the post today I am going give you 5 simple changes that will lead to big results.

1) Log your food-  People that log their food lose 3x more weight than those that don’t.  It isn’t magic, but it is effective.  The reason that this holds true is because of the conscious effort you would have to make to eat something that isn’t helping you.  You would have to write down that you ate the entire box of cookies after the pizza.  Makes you think twice about it, right?

We can use technology, and this idea came from the book Four Hour Body, to help with results as well.  Take out your camera phone and snap a photo of your food before you eat it.  It is like a visual log!  See if you want to eat that cake now!

2) Do it in teams!  – If you feel like someone is observing you or watching you the likely hood that you are going to slack off or not perform your workouts is a lot less.  Find a partner or better yet go to a place like Force Fitness where you get social support and coaching to motivate and push you.   Social support is a huge factor in long term success.

3) Take a picture-  I have said it a hundred times!  Take a before picture.  This isn’t about being embarrassed, it is about motivation.  You will see how bad things really are and you can use it as inspiration to get your butt in gear.   Most people that I know who took a before picture do amazing.  Place that sucker all over the house and on the fridge.  Make it a constant reminder of why you want to change.

It is also pretty cool to show it off once you get in great shape!

4)  Find your reason! –  You have to find a real reason why you want to change.  This one may actually not be so simple!   Sometimes you have to have a situation trigger you to find the right reason but you have to find a reason.  It might be that you are tired of always being considered out of shape.  You may have always wanted to run a half marathon.  You might just want to fit back into those skinny jeans from high school because no one else can.

I know that my reason was being tired of using “I am a big guy” as an excuse for being fat.  I could do anything else I put my mind to including being one of the best athletes in the world, but I could never lose fat.  That was because my head was in the wrong place.  I told myself I couldn’t lose fat.  Once I finally get mad and fed up with being fat, it all changed.

5) Make it simple.  If you follow a plan for a week you will get an idea of how much you are supposed to be eating and how much of certain foods contain about what calories.  You need to understand the numbers.  Know that it takes burning about 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat.  You need to eat 500-800 below your maintenance levels to hit that mark or more each day.  Then you need to exercise the right way to burn more.  The numbers don’t have be exact because you can always quickly adjust, but you have to know where you are starting.

Figure out your simple plan.  4 meals a day and I need 2400 calories to maintain each day.  If I eat 1600 calories that is 800 calories of a deficit and a total of  5600 per week.  If I exercise and burn an extra 400-1000 per day three times per week that is 1200-3000 more calories.  You should be burning at least a 2-3 lbs of fat per week.  To do this I need to eat 4 meals of 400 calories each and every day of the right foods.

Not that hard to figure out!  You just have to stick with it.

Use these 5 strategies to make fat loss simple!!!!

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