5 Tips to Better Fat Loss

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Today I want to cover a few things that we have seen come up repeatedly with our recent nutrition coaching program clients.    The things that are giving the trouble or keeping them from getting incredible results are probably things that most of you are having issues with as well, even if you didn’t know it!

The problem with nutrition is that everyone thinks they are doing a good job.  We trick ourselves into thinking that we have it all figured out and that there is nothing else that we can do to get better. 

I call BS!

I think that for most of us, if we honestly assess our current nutrition, can find at least one thing to improve upon.

Here are my top tips for getting better results or getting out of your rut with your nutrition plan:

#1 Include a pre-workout shake

Pre workout nutrition is one of the most important components of a nutrition and workout program.  The pre workout shake should be a ratio of 1-3:1  carbs to protein.   If you are carb sensitive and gain fat quickly with the addition of carbs you probably need something close to 1:1 carb to protein,  most of us can get away with a 2:1 ratio if we push ourselves in the gym.   The 3:1 ratio is for those that are trying to gain muscle.  

The carbs should be simple and quickly digested and the protein should be something that won’t sit in your stomach.  We have several pre-made mixes that are great for this such as Prograde Workout and Surge.  You can get both at the front desk of our facility or click on the link to order. 

Adding in this one thing will allow you to workout with more intensity and recover faster which leads to better results

#2 Log your food for 3 days

It was incredible how logging food made people either very aware and conscious of their eating habits or it made it very obvious to us, as coaches, what could be improved on to get better results.

The key for this to work is to get 2 normal schedule days and one weekend day that is a little off your usual schedule.  You also have to be very honest. 

Our coaches would be happy to look over a log of your nutrition and help you out if you simply did it!

#3 Eat more veggies!

Most people aren’t eating enough vegetables, both in quantity and variety.  Try to eat as many kinds, colors and types of veggies as possible in a week and get in 2 servings each meal.  If you did this I can promise that you would rarely be hungry and your weight will start dropping.

Try to eat one new veggie each week to expand your options.

#4 Ditch the cereal

I saw different cereal types in almost everyone’s nutrition log this week.  Almost all cereals are junk and starchy carb heavy.  If you must have something try crushing up walnuts, almonds, and pecans and putting almond milk over the top of it.   This will give you the cereal feel without the starchy carbs. 

#5- Change your cheat meals/days

Cheat days ruin people’s progress! 

Most people have a cheat day and go nuts with junk food.  They eat pizza, drink beer, have burgers and fries, skip the veggies and essentially wipe away any of the progress they have made. 

The goal of a “cheat” is to allow you to live life and enjoy foods you want to enjoy without going overboard.  This is why we recommend following the 90/10 rule of eating. 

90% of the time you should follow your solid nutritional habits (proteins, veggies, healthy fats, reduced starchy carbs, etc).  The other 10% you are free to “cheat”. 

This means that if you eat 5 times per day (35 meals per week) you must follow the plan for 32 of those meals.  3 meals throughout the week can be “cheats” or include alcohol or can be skipped. 

That’s right, if you miss a meal it counts as a cheat meal! 

If you did this and spaced out the meals through the week you would still see great results.   However, there is no rule that says you must use all of your 10% meals. 


If you have trouble with planning and preparing meals you need to find quick and easy options that will work for you!  Programs like Meal Movement, that provide you pre-cooked and delivered healthy options are great for those on the run or that have trouble with planning healthy meals.  

Most people would benefit greatly by starting off their first 28 days on a fat loss program using and option such as this!   

Use these 5 tips to get better results from your training program and improve your nutrition.


If you want to join our nutrition coaching program let us know by emailing Hannah at Hannah.forcefitness@gmail.com.

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