5 Youth Lifters qualify for Nationals: Indiana State Championships recap

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This past weekend, in Crown Point, IN, Force Fitness sent 7 athletes to compete in the Indiana State Weightlifting Championships. The meet was a resounding success as every single athlete hit a PR of some sort (snatch, clean and jerk, or total), and every athlete that competed ended up on the podium.

Megan Haymaker, a distance coaching athlete, was able to make best lifts of 73kg in the snatch (160lbs), and 96kg in the clean and jerk (211 lbs). This placed Megan first in her division.

Zach Lee improved greatly over his performance at Junior nationals just 4 months ago, by doing 104 kg in the snatch (229 lbs), and 140kg in the clean and jerk (308 lbs), in just a few months this was an almost 20 lbs improvement in the snatch and clean and jerk. This placed Zach first in his Division.

Our biggest group of athletes that attended the meet were athletes in our youth division (17 and Under). Noorhadi Shahrani, Alex Grannan, Aaron Nunes, and Colten Harper all attended the meet with the intent to qualify for the youth national championships. Bowen Murphy had qualified at the Force weightlifting meet held in March, but went into the meet looking to improve on his total from that meet

This meet fell on the last day that an athlete could post a total which would then qualify them for the national meet, so the pressure was definitely on for the 4 looking to qualify.

Alex Grannan and Colten Harper competed in the 77kg division. Alex (Bloomington North) hit lifts of 78kg in the snatch (172 lbs) and 107kg in the clean and jerk (235 lbs), this total qualified Alex for youth nationals! Colten (Brown County) hit 83kg in the snatch (185 lbs) and 110kg in the clean and jerk (242 lbs), this total also qualified Colten for nationals!

Up next were Aaron, Noorhadi, and Bowen in the 85kg division. Bowen (Bloomington North) hit a PR in the snatch of 83kg (185lbs) and made an easy 110kg (242 lbs) in the clean and jerk, this was also a PR total for Bowen. Noohadi (Bloomington North) made identical lifts of 83kg and 110kg, to qualify him for nationals in his VERY FIRST MEET!

Aaron (Bloomington South) made lifts of 87kg (191 lbs) and 110kg (242 lbs). He had a REALLY close lift at 118kg (258lbs). The 118 would have been a massive 8kg PR for Aaron.

A big thanks to Jarrod Nobbe (former Force Intern and now our assistant weightlifting coach) and Trevor Allen for going up and doing all the coaching at the meet. I was speaking at a conference in New Jersey, and this was the first meet I have not been at to coach my team.

Up next for the Force lifting crew will be youth nationals, June 22nd-25th in Atlanta, and then The Weightlifting Classic here at Force Fitness on July 29th.

Interested in joining our weightlifting club? We have weightlifting options for those who are brand new to weightlifting, to those who are experienced and want to compete. Email us for more info.

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