Sometime we fall, but you never have to fail!

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It has happened to each and everyone of us at some point in our lives. We have worked hard to get to get something or achieve something and a crappy situation gets thrown our way which causes us to slip up.

We have two options when we slip up or fall down.

1) You can lay there and cry about it, which changes nothing. No one feels sorry for you!
2) You can pick yourself up, use it as motivation and get back to it!

It is easier said than done to just get up, get back on track and push ahead with more dedication and drive than you ever thought you had in you. It is much easier to say that you can’t do it and that you are okay with settling for what you have already accomplished.

A lot of our readers are former athletes and some are current athletes. They know what it is like to train hard for something, often times one big moment in your career. There are a lot of slip ups and places where you fall down. The great ones always get up and work harder than ever to perform at their very best.

Watch this video and tell me that it isn’t inspiring:

That was absolutely amazing. I can tell you as a former track athlete that I have never seen anything like that before. To get up from a dead start with 200 meters left in a 600 meter race and catch the girls that are 20-30 meters ahead of you is uncanny.

Sure she could have laid on the track and everyone would have felt terrible. However, she chose to take the harder path and do what she set out to do in the first place: WIN THE RACE.

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  • Concita

    Oh my goodness. I was a track athlete and I can not even imagine how she felt falling and how great she felt to have still won the race. Amazing!

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