7 Fun, Active, and Free Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Are you looking for some last minute or creative date ideas to surprise your partner with this Love Day? Look no further than these playful, free, and loving date ideas.


Seriously, when was the last time you had a pillow fight?  The sheer silliness of the act will get both of you laughing and lighten up the “seriousness” of the day. Play helps us form deep bonds and empathy, which build lasting relationships.  Just don’t let your head explode!  Start soft and don’t go for the knockout blow right away.  You’ll probably want to have some energy left to try these other ideas too.  🙂

2.  Treasure Hunt

One of my favorite things to do for my wife was to plan elaborate treasure hunts, complete with riddles and feats of strength.  In fact, at the end of one such epic 8-hour adventure in Japan, I proposed.

But things don’t have to be that complicated.  In fact, you guys can create your own treasure map together!  Go out on a walk and explore the area around you.  Make a map of your trip by drawing landmarks along the way.  Find someplace to sit and talk quietly for a while, and make that your X spot.  You can take your treasure map and frame it in the house to remind you of the quality time you spent alone together.

3.  Every minute, On the Minute

This one piggy back’s off of a popular workout method.  Usually, you’d perform X number of reps of an exercise every time the minute hand switches.  After your done, you can rest the rest of the minute.  Here are some ideas:

  • A kiss every minute
  • A hug every minute
  • A kiss every odd minute, a hug every even minute
  • Partner Back to Back Squats every minute (their challenging but goofy too)
  • Say one word about something you love about the other person ever minute
  • Air high fives from wherever you are every minute
  • Write one word of a love poem, every minute for 20 minutes, then read them to each other.

The possibilities are endless!

4.  YouTube Dance Party

This one is super fun.  Simply load up youtube and pick out some fun music/dance videos, and try your best to keep up with whatever is on screen!  Whether you go old school like Frank Sinatra or keep is fresh like Taylor Swift (or whatever is popular now) – you’re sure to have a blast and work up a sweat doing it!

5.  Stuck on You Challenge

Often, we go devoid of touch without even realizing it.  I know that for us personally, once we had two kids, we often got LOTS of touch, but rarely any time to cuddle, hold, or love on each other.  The stuck on your challenge is to keep contact with each other for a set amount of time.  30 minutes. An hour.  You pick.  Enjoy the simple pleasure of holding each others hands, or find creative ways to stay in contact while cooking in the kitchen!  It’s up to you. (You might want to go to the bathroom first, or you’re going to have to get creative down the line!)

6.  Zen Archer

One of my favorite games to play – think of this like an open ended version of twister.  You react to your partner’s “shot” in Matrix-like fashion, dodging just out of the way.  Contort, twist, dodge, and play.  You’ll get a great warm up for, ahem, later activities and learn more about how each person moves in general.

7.  Skipping Hands

WARNING – only do this if you are truly head over heels in love, or it will make you fall head over heels in love.  🙂  Simply grab each others hand and go skipping down the street.  You read that right.  And guys, if you’re already groaning in your head, then you probably need this more than you know.

I hope you all have a wonderful love day and take some time to connect physically with your loved ones.  And get a little goofy, because that’s important too.

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