A Case of the Monday’s

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Wow, it is really easy to get overwhelmed when you are busy.  I am experiencing this at the moment.  There is so much going on that it can be daunting to even think about what you are supposed to be doing.

Right now I am…

1) Training 5-8 hours a day

2) Working upstairs on admin stuff several more hours per day

3) Trying to grow the business

4) Looking for a new home, our first home (this one is starting to get really exciting)

5) Planning a wedding

6) Working on a couple of side projects in the fitness world

7) Preparing a couple fundraising activities for the summer

8) Probably at least 5 other things that I am forgetting at the moment

I was on the phone last week with one of my business coaches and he said it sounded like I am a little overwhelmed.  I was a bit embarrassed by this since this guy does more in one morning than I could accomplish in a week and owns a part of at least two dozen businesses.  Not to mention he is having baby soon.

We talked about things for about 90 minutes and he said something that I am sure most everyone has been telling me to do over the past few weeks but from coming from him it really stuck.

We need to slow down and take things one step at a time.  Don’t try to fix 6 or 7 things at once and expect them done now!  Fix one thing at a time and reassess.

This same advice can be used in fat loss or fitness.  Often times we want to change 5 or 6 things at time to get great results.  It can be overwhelming and this is why people don’t stick to their programs for very long.  If you try to start exercising 4 days per week, completely change our diet, cut out every drink but water, and make sure to get in 6 meals per day all at once it will seem impossible.

However, if each week you take a step in the right direction and start implementing just one new thing each week you will be on a great path to success.

One thing a week for fifty weeks means a lot a of great changes!

Find your one thing this week and post in the comments what you are going to do!  That way you are holding yourself accountable.

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