A few little tricks to keep the holiday weight off!

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This is a scary time of year for most of those hoping to stay fit or make progress with their fitness.

Schedules are crazy, parties are in no shortage and the food is delicious (and unhealthy).
All of this leads to a little extra weight gain each year that most of us never get back off!

I have a few little tricks that might help you hold off the weight gain and possibly make some progress.

1) Don’t let the food touch on your plate!  It sounds so silly and simple, and it is.  Dr. Chris Mohr brought this little tip to my attention and it really makes sense.  It is an easy way to make sure you are controlling your portion sizes and not overeating during the holiday time.  Pair this tip with using smaller than normal plates and you will be guaranteed to eat less of the bad stuff and put on less around the waist line.

2) If you know you are going to a party or holiday get together and will most likely eat poorly it is necessary to have a nutritional plan of attack.  The 24 hours before your holiday indulgences you should plan to have low carb only meals.  No starchy carbs what-so-ever!  Keep it to lean proteins and veggies in your plan and you will prep the body to use the extra sugars and carbs you will consume for some good.   Immediately following this indulgence period you should go to another period of low carb dieting.  This will help to flush the bloat you are feeling and get you back on track for success.

3) Up your metabolic work!   It isn’t too hard to get in for an extra metabolic session or two during the week if you know you will be living it up during this holiday season.  We have Saturday morning metabolic workouts that are great for jump starting that metabolism for the weekend and can help keep the waistline from growing.   The Saturday metabolic workouts take place at 8am in the back boot camp space and are just a $10 drop in fee or you can  buy a discounted punch card.   Come in and try one out!  Most likely you will become hooked.

Use these three tips in your holiday survival plan and I promise that you won’t gain any extra flab and be mistaken for the jolly Ol’ St. Nick after the New Year.  Most people wait until after the first of the year to make their big fitness plan.

If you need some help with a holiday survival plan just let me know and I will do what I can to help you out.

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