A Look into November Group Training

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Upcoming Events

  • Force Fitness 10 Year Anniversary Celebration – 11/17
    Two special group workouts at 9 & 10 am led by Branden – these are open to all clients, their friends, and the community! The workouts will be followed by food and free evaluations + consultations from Dr. True. Although food will be provided, feel free to bring a dish to pitch in!
  • Thanksgiving Workout
    Join Coach Branden at 8 AM to kick off your Thanksgiving Day with a group workout! Free to the community, so bring your family and friends.

November Group Training Preview

  • BEATS: We are focusing on partner and team workouts for this month.
    • Food Logs are going great! Clients have been really consistent in keeping track of their calories and are feeling more energetic throughout their day.
  • LIFT: Clients completed their 3RM testing and now have some great numbers to track their progress.
  • RESTORE: This month we are focusing on more aggressive soft tissue work (using the lax ball for more than just feet) The core portion is down to 2 rounds to provide more time for the stretching and mobility portion of the class.
  • ELEMENTS: Monday will be a strength day. Tuesday and Thursday will be more cardio-focused.
  • JUNIOR CHAMPIONS: We currently have 7 kids enrolled in Force Junior Champions
    • They have been working on their abilities to jump/land, crawl/roll, Throw/catch, and Chase/evade.
    • The kids are having a blast in each class and really enjoy the games.
    • They are becoming better athletes each week and are starting to remember the movements and how to perform them.
    • The focus is still on producing speed and agility through gameplay, whether in chasing another person or having to manipulate an object.
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