A Look into September Group Training – Class by Class

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A couple months ago, I (Coach Pat) started programming for group training with new goals and  focuses in mind for each class. Looking into September, here’s what’s going on in each class:

BEATS: We are at the last week of our HIIT series and are looking to really push the intensity this month. Still working to keep each workout heart rate in the 80-89% to really maintain a longer burn. Some clients have signed up for our Blue Package Nutrition Program and with this extra help we are expected to see some serious weight loss.

LIFT: We are continuing to learn new types of Barbell, DB, KB movements. We are continuing the time under tension workout (Wednesdays), focusing on the eccentrics and staying under the load for longer periods of time. This kind of work will really help our clients gain strength as well as control throughout the exercises. On Fridays, we are working up to heavier weights so that we can not only become more comfortable with how we load but the clients are able to see where they are making progress in certain each lift.

RESTORE: Last month, I shifted the structure of the class to place more emphasis on improving mobility and flexibility, meaning less time spent on core work. Many of our Restore clients train pretty intensively throughout the week, and I want Restore to be a mechanism of recovery and rejuvenation.

I introduced soft tissue work as our warm-up. We start the session by foam rolling different muscle groups in a structured manner. The core circuit is down to three rounds so that we can focus on creating a longer stretch/mobility period. I have taken a top down approach when it comes to working in our mobility/stretching. Starting with the shoulders, we work all the way down to the calves and ankles.

I have introduced new mobility drills and stretches that clients have also been able to use at home, and many have expressed the positive differences these changes are making.

ELEMENTS: We are moving forward with the familiar circuit format but looking to shake things up with some more metabolic work as well as going for more rounds to increase the intensity. So far, clients are handling this increase in difficulty well and are enjoying the challenge.

FORCE JUNIOR CHAMPIONS: We can’t place enough emphasis on the uniqueness and beneficial implications of this program. Too often, sport specificity at a young age prevents the acquisition of fundamental skills and also burns athletes out by the time they reach high school. Through Junior Champions, we ensure that young kids build a strong base in every athletic skill so that the athletic world is at their fingertips whenever they choose to specify in one or more sports.

Force Junior Champions is Bloomington’s only opportunity to set athletes up for success in any sport in a fun and engaging way.

We currently have 5 athletes enrolled in Junior Champions. They have been working on their abilities to jump/land, crawl/roll, throw/catch, and chase/evade. The kids are having a blast in each class and really enjoy the games. They are becoming better athletes each week and are starting to show greater intuition in the movements we’ve been practicing.

In September, we’re focusing on quicker reactions – whether that is chasing another person or reacting to my cues. This will not only make the drills more engaging but will  allow the athletes  to make decisions and use the movements we are working on at live speed.

If you have friends with kids aged 7-12 who are interested in playing sports, do them a favor and let them know about Force Junior Champions.

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