ABC’s of Fat Loss

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I was sitting at the computer and just couldn’t think of anything to write about for this post.  I was trying to come up with something fun and creative, but that isn’t my forte 🙂

So, I went back to wheelhouse and kept things at an elementary level of thinking and creativity.  I mean this post is about as advanced as finger painting!

Every time I think about our clients and how to get them better results I always come back to the simple things.  It isn’t the advanced techniques, nutrition practices or workouts that gets the best results. 99% of the time it is the simple things that get the biggest results for all of our clients.  Let’s face it, most of us (including myself) aren’t even close to needing advanced methods of training and nutrition to get us where we want to go and the body we want.  If we do reach the point that we need these advanced methods it is usually for a brief period of time to break through a plateau.

We need to get back to the ABC’s of fat loss to get the best results.

A- Avoid starchy carbs, except prior to or after your strength training

B- Bust your butt!  Work hard in the gym and make each session count

C- Consistency.  This will trump advanced methods everytime

D- Don’t give up- you will have to fight through some rough spots, but you can’t fall off the wagon

E- Expect Results – this once comes right from our accronym for CHANGE- if you expect results you will do what is needed to get them.

F- FORCE- okay I had to put this in there somewhere- if you want results you come here 🙂

G- Get your mind right.  If you have the right mindset you can overcome many obstacles

H- Honesty.  Be honest with yourself about your goals and what you are willing to do to get them.  Lying about your effort or food isn’t going to fool your fat.

I- Intensity.  Put for the effort in your training and nutrition for best results.

J- Jump. Dive right into your program, don’t think about it, just get it done.

K- Keep pace.  Know what pace you need to move to reach your goals in time.

L- Learn.  The more you know the better you will understand the changes you need to get great results.

M- Metabolic Conditioning- once you reach a baseline level of strength you need to do some metabolic conditioning to get great results.

N- Nutrition is king.  To get the best results for fat loss you have to have your nutrition in order.

O- Overcome Obstacles- Know and understand what these will be for you and you can plan to overcome them.

P- Plan.  Having a nutrition plan and training plan is essential to your success.

Q- Question.  Ask questions and educate yourself on how to get better results. Ask yourself if what you are doing is working or do you need to change?

R- Recovery.  You have to be able to recover from your training to consistently change your body

S- Strength. Have strength to

T- Teamwork. Find a support system and use them get better results.  A team can do more than any individual.

U- Uncomfortable.  You must be comfortable getting uncomfortable to get great results.  Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to new heights

V- Variety.  You need variety in your diet and your training to get continuous results.

W- Why? You have to know the real reason and motivating factor for you wanting to change.

X- X out excuses.  No one really cares and we all. have them.  The faster you learn to quit giving yourself an out the faster you can get your results.

Y-You.  To get the best results you have to be doing this for yourself.

Z- Zeal.  If you have a passion to get results you will do whatever is needed to get them.


Okay, that is the end of my ridiculous post!  I hope you got at least one thing out of this list that will help you get better results.

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  • Jenny

    no ridiculous at all! very basic………simple it good and it says it all!

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