And the winner is…..

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After a few weeks of being crazy busy I lined up the top 6 from the transformation contest we did in September.  This 28 day contest produced some amazing results and I give full credit to the team of coaches at Force Fitness and the people that participated. 

I was amazed at the results of the contest and what it took to crack the top 10.  I was only going to mention the Top 5, but I included 6 in the list because they all did so incredible.  

In reverse order of weight lost here were to the top 6

6) Veronica Herndon lost 12 lbs! 

5) Vinnie Carpenter lost 12.8 lbs with an awesome effort!

4) Carol Ewer lost 13.2 lbs!

3)Chris Howell lost 13.6 lbs in his 28 day effort and has seen his lowest weight in years

2) Jeff Shupert losing an amazing 15.4 lbs 

And the winner is…….

1)  Jodi Trippany who lost an incredible 17.6 lbs in the contest over 28 days!  That is an incredible transformation and takes her well over the 30lbs lost mark since starting with George in April! 

I couldn’t believe that it took losing over 12 lbs in 28 days to crack the top 6 list!  To get in the top 10 you had to lose over 10lbs, we had George Trippany lose over 10 to break the 60lbs total mark, Jennifer Tyskiwicz lost 10, and many more!  

We had so many great success stories from this!  

I am proud of each of you that participated and we are ready to help you with more great results! 

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