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Congratulations to Craig Combs the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Craig Combs has been a member with Force Fitness since May of 2011. He has noticed since starting, that he has lost body fat, his waist is smaller, his body is firmer, and he has increased his flexibility. He has been eating better and does not skip meals.

Craig would like to get some abs, or he says he would at least like a flat stomach. He would also like to reach a goal of 14% body fat. He would like to be able to run under 4 hours in the next marathon that he participates in, and qualify for the Boston Marathon before he is “too old.” He wants to gain strength, flexibility, and be injury free.

Craig really enjoys the training staff at Force Fitness. He likes that the trainers will correct your form and help you do the right exercises with the correct form. He also enjoys that he is comfortable with the trainers and not afraid to ask anyone for assistance. He loves that the cliental is represented by all ages. He likes the challenges that his training gives him, and he likes that Scott won’t let him stay at the same weight for too long, and continues to challenge him.

Craig started coming to Force Fitness because he had issues with strength, flexibility, tendonitis, and nutrition and knew he was on a dead end road without help. He had watched many people at the gym workout consistently and their body never changed and he did not want to be one of those people. He decided to ask Force for help and direction with his training, so he would get results. When he started he felt very welcome and at home with the staff and clients.

Craig has progressed in his training by running 2 days a week and personal training 2 evenings a week. He takes protein and really focuses more on his nutrition. He always justified his eating habits by thinking that he wasn’t “that bad,” but realized to get the results that he wants; he had to make some nutrition changes. He now attends weekly meetings in the nutrition coaching program and says the accountability is good for him.

Craig says that people have reacted positively to him talking about his training and the changes he has made. People are encouraging and curious about everything he is doing in his training.

 Congratulations to Lauren Rapacki the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

Lauren Rapacki has been with Force Fitness since June 2011, as she started by participating in a summer special that was offered to graduates and teachers. She has gained confidence and lost 17 pounds and a total of 10 inches, with almost 4 inches off her waist!

Lauren would like to lost 30 more pounds, but also her brother’s wedding is in June and she would like to not cringe when looking at the pictures from that day. She also would like to wear a sleeveless shirt one day, if she will feel comfortable wearing one.

Lauren really loves the staff and the other clients at Force. She really enjoys that Pam pushes her throughout her workouts, to make sure that she is that much further in reaching her goals. She has recently been participating in personal training sessions and enjoys that Amber and Nathan push her farther toward her goals, and made her feel very comfortable during her sessions. She likes that her peers also motivate her, by each of them having goals that they push themselves to accomplish. Lastly, she enjoys receiving the blogs/emails from Ryan that help her stay on track if she is not in the gym.

Lauren started coming to Force because she had tried every fad diet and exercise program and wanted something that would actually work and that would have her obtain her goals realistically and for the long term. She had always been stocky and once she hit her 30s she was noticing her body was changing and not for the better, so she wanted a change that would work and have her reach her goals.

Lauren was incredibly scared and nervous when she first started with boot camp at Force Fitness. She decided to trust her friend that brought her, and trust Pam, that things would get easier. She is so happy that she stuck it out and kept working hard, as now she participates in different challenges or specials that Force offers.

Lauren attends three days a week of boot camp, and has participated in different transformation challenges which have allowed her to participate in some personal training sessions. She has realized that she needs to focus on her nutrition and really watch her portions, if she wants to reach her weight loss goals.

Lauren has received positive feedback in her changes. Her family visited recently, and noticed her weight loss right away. Her family and friends are very happy for her and support her no matter what. 

Congratulations to Sydney Hall the Force Fitness Athlete of the Month!

Force Fitness and Performance is proud to select Sydney Hall as the athlete of the month for September 2011.  Sydney has epitomized hard work and dedication since beginning her training with the Force Fitness team.

Sydney began training with us just 4 months ago with the goals of lowering her bests in the 100 meter dash and improving as a long jumper.  While track season is still several months away, the improvements in strength and speed over the past 4 months indicate to everyone that she is going to dominate the track this coming spring. These improvements are reflected in her physical shape and have made her look forward to coming to train more every week. 

Sydney trains 2 days per week with us and continues to see improvement on a weekly basis. As she continues up to and into the season Sydney’s goals include to run a sub 13 second 100 meter dash, Long Jump over 16 feet and qualify for the State track and field championship.  We know that she will accomplish all of these goals and in just a couple of years Sydney will be a state champion.

I think what separates Sydney from the pack is her attitude and deep motivation. In her words:

My biggest motivator is the thought of someone else that might be training a little harder than me. I have to outwork my competition. I do not like finishing 2nd.”

That statement is simply awesome, and the mark of a champion. Congratulations Sydney on being athlete of the month, we are excited to be a part of your journey to the top!


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