April Bootcamp Updates

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Upcoming Events

  • Insanity Month – April 1-30th
    Clients have been coming in and really performing well! The opportunity to get in more sessions has really allowed clients to be able to push themselves and work together to make a real change! The Energy from each session has been strong and exciting to coach.

  • ForceFit Free Workout – Saturday, April 27th
    Our second monthly ‘workout with the coaches!’ 12:30-1:30 pm. It was a blast last time – don’t miss it!

Class Updates:

  • LIFT: We have shifted over to a more metabolic style so we can continue to burn and lose weight. Clients are still able to get heavier on their lifts but, are now having to work with a metabolic element added to their supersets.
  • HURRICANE: Focus is on a full body attack to really maximize your time. We have added some lifting elements to the classes this month. Looking to build some muscle as well as keeping the burn strong. Weekly testing continues every Friday – max KB rows in 90 seconds (12k for females, 24k for males) and max burpees from the floor in 90 seconds.
  • RESTORE: Only on Saturday. We have been consistently getting a full body rollout in each class using the foam roller. This month we are focusing on more aggressive soft tissue work trying to work out some of those nagging sore areas our clients get from a hard week. This is a great way to end your Saturday from a hard week of Bootcamp.


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