“Ask the Coaches” Nutrition Series: Coach Isaac

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  1. What does “healthy eating” look like to you? Why do you define it this way?

Healthy eating to me is eating foods that make your body feel and look the way that you want to feel. I do not define it as always eating nothing but fruits vegetable and meats and never eating any “bad food.”  I enjoy eating food that is thought to be “bad” from time to time, but it is not my whole diet.

Healthy eating to me is a balance of eating for pleasure and for the way I want to look and feel.

  1. What changes have you made to your eating habits & nutrition in 2018 and why?

In 2018 I decided about mid-way through that I wanted to lose some weight. One of the changes I made was to simply consume less food than I typically ate. I went from my highest of 236 pounds to my recent lowest of 195. Now I maintain a balance of 195-205.

  1. Do you struggle with a certain aspect of nutrition? What kind of strategies do you use to combat that struggle?

I struggle with consuming enough fruits and vegetables. I try to combat that by adding vegetables or fruits to things I am already eating, like cooking vegetables in with the meat I’m eating.

  1. Do you have a favorite meal to make? Share the recipe!

My favorite meal to make is Fried Tilapia with some fried and steamed vegetables. I use garlic sea salt, red cayenne peper and salt to season it.

  1. What is the most helpful piece of nutrition advise you can pass along to others?

The most helpful advice I can pass along is do what works for you; do something that you can maintain and is the most beneficial for your long term health. I like to live by an 80/20, or 70/30 rule. I try my best to eat 70-80% of what is healthy for me and my goals and that other small percentage I just enjoy food that tastes good to me.

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