At Home and Traveling Workout Tools

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My top at home and travel workout tools!  These will be great for those of you going on Spring Break next week!

I have compiled a list of my top training tools that will get you results in as little time as possible and make it easy for you to have at home or take on the road with you!

1) Kettlebells
This is a tricky one!  I put it first because of all the thing that you can do with a kettlebell in a short amount of time and get in a great workout.  Try doing 100 KB swings with a 35lbs (16kg) KB for women or a 53lbs (24kg) KB for men.  It will take about 10-15 minutes, but doing this a few times a week will change your body!
The difficulty with the KB is the amount of misinformation out there on how to properly utilize this tool and perform the movements.  If you do choose to use this tool make sure that you are getting some coaching prior to just attempting the movements!
This tool is so great because you can not only work on strength, but also get in your metabolic conditioining (think cardio) work as well.

2) Sliders
No not the things you get from White Castle!  There are a few different variations of this tool but the easiest to find and the cheapest are simple furniture movers you can get from any hardware store.   I think they are like $10 for 4 of them.  Not a bad investment for a piece of workout equipment that can flatten your belly, strengthen your core, and strip fat off of you like none other.
Most of my favorite movements with the Valslides are core movements- body saws, layouts, push aways, alligator crawls, push up variations and even some lunge variations.   We can also do pikes, knee tucks, and many other moves with this tool.  You get the point, they are useful.
The trick to using these effectively is proper progression.  You can’t just jump right into a body saw if you can’t hold a plank for 30s.
I love the use of these on carpet, and unlike the KB you can pack these in a travel bag to take with you anywhere you go.  Try that with a KB and you might get some questions at security!

3) Bands
I am not talking about your regular tube bands that you can buy just anywhere.   We love using the looped bands from  Dave is a good friend and has a great product.  Just look around Force Fitness and you will see about 200 of the bands in our facility.
These are great for a few reasons: 1) ease of set up 2) easy to pack and store 3) versatility.
The bands can be used to perform core, cardio and strength movements and exercises with very little set up.  You find me traveling often with a black or purple band in my bag to train with on the road.
Use it for push ups to increase the challenge on the core and add resistance.  use them for Split Squats and lunges, presses, sprinting, plyometric movements, and much more.
All that is required is some simple set up knowledge and a little creativity and you can do anything you want with these bands.
I particularly love the band because it is easy to perform the very important pulling movements (rows and vertical pulls) that are neglecting in most peoples programs and are hard to do with just bodyweight in most hotel gyms or home gyms.
These three tools can be used to get great results in very little time anytime, anywhere.

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