August Group Training Update – Meet Pat!

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Hey everyone, my name is Pat Mosby. I have a long history at Force and am excited to be an official part of this coaching team. From 2011 to 2017, I was a client in Force’s SPT program. Then, I interned for Force in the Summer of 2017. I was a football player for Butler University in Indianapolis Indiana 2014-2018, where I studied Human Movement and Health Science Education in the College of Education at Butler University. During my time training at Force, I found my passion for the Sports Performance/Fitness profession. In June, after Matt moved to Fort Wayne, I began coaching the evening group fitness classes. Moving forward, I’m heading up the programming for those classes as well. In addition, I’ll be leading and coaching Force’s newest program – Junior Performance! I am very excited about my plans, and I wanted to share with you all a glimpse into my goals with each class:

Group Training

o BEATS: I am pushing up the intensity of the class and I am looking to make it more metabolic, focusing on fat loss and keeping the heart rates up for a longer and more sustained period of time.

o LIFT: I am looking to help the clients become more comfortable and confident with various barbell movements as well as different strength training methods. We will track their progress by core lifts (Front Squat, Back Squat, Barbell Dead Lift, Trap Bar Dead Lift, and Bench Press in 3RM and 5RM).

o RESTORE: I am looking to first introduce some soft tissue work to our clients to better help with recovery. The first part of the class focuses on a shorter but still moderately intense core circuit followed by a longer stretch circuit that focuses not only on static stretching but mobility as well.

o ELEMENTS: The class will remain in a circuit format but each day will be more focused or “themed,” such as a strength day and a more metabolic day. I believe that this will provide clients with an introduction to circuit training that can lead segway into trying our other classes.

Junior Performance

We are implementing a program to introduce kids aged 7-9 and 10-12 to athletic movements such as jumping, landing, rolling, running, balance, etc. We aim to present these basics in a fun way where kids learn to push their creativity to a new level in physically challenging, team-based games of their own creation or those that we provide that instill the movements we are training.

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