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School begins soon which means that schedules get shifted, and things get busy. Your work schedule may change, childcare typically changes, and your routine can get turned upside down if you don’t plan ahead. Don’t let change take you by surprise. We can be more efficient by making some small changes to our daily routine. Here are a few ways to be efficient in times of change;

Plan your day the night before

Take some time Sunday evening, and look at your week. What do you have going on? What nights do you need a baby sitter? What days are going to be busier than others? What nights might you need to pick up food versus cooking? Taking some time before the week begins, or even looking at your following day, can be helpful in keeping you prepared, and on track. It can also help you feel at ease with what’s ahead.

Say No

When things get busy, it’s easy to continue saying “yes” to all the things. We are a society of “yes” people. We are over committed, over scheduled, and spread thin. Try saying “no” to something that you might not really want or need to do. Sometimes things come up, and you just have to make an effort to attend, but many times, there are things we can say “no” to. Also, be aware of different seasons of life. Some seasons you may not be able to say “yes” to anything. Other seasons you may be able to say “yes” to everything. Feel empowered to choose the things that are a priority to you, and be ok with saying “no” if you need to.


As much as we think we can do everything, there are things that others can do better, and more efficient than us. If you have the ability and resources, consider delegating something to someone else. For example, if you have the ability to pay someone to deep clean your home once a month, invest in that. If someone can do home repairs quicker than you can, invest in using that resource. Don’t have time to cook every evening? Make a budget to pick-up some pre-made meals twice a week. Your time is valuable, and you should spend it doing the things you need to do, and the things you enjoy doing.

What are some of your favorite ways to be more efficient? Drop us a line, and let us know!

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