Bill Perry- Client of the Month

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Congratulations to Bill Perry!

Force Fitness Client Of The Month!



 “I started at Force Fitness almost 5 months ago after having gone through yet another cycle of weight loss and not-so-slowly putting it back on when I fell back into old habits. A good friend of mine had seen great results during the year he had been coming to the MRT classes at Force and I was dangerously close to weighing 290 pounds again, so I signed up for the Summer Slim Down and got to work. I have been working out at least 3 days a week ever since and have more energy than I have in decades.

The biggest challenge is deciding to make a change, and then keep showing up.  I make sure that my regular workout times are blocked out in my shared work calendar so no meetings interfere, and carpooling with my friend helps to keep me on track.

Initially my goal was simply to ‘lose weight’ but the nutrition coaching from everyone at Force has changed that to ‘be healthy’ –the weight loss is really just a by-product of the much healthier choices I have learned to make.  I am still very happy when I step on the scale and see that I have lost some more weight, but I am much more interested in dropping inches/sizes and seeing how I can improve on exercises and movements from week to week.

I have lost 40 pounds and 10% body fat since I started at Force, but the thing I am most excited about has been losing all of the ‘x’s out of my clothing.  I’ve gone from a 2XL or 3XL shirt to just a large, and am not wearing ‘relaxed fit’ jeans for the first time in over 15 years.  A big part of that is due to the support of the coaches and other clients at Force — when I first started I was sweating and out of breath after the warmup, but got encouragement and tips on the exercises from everyone around me.  This is a huge change from the gyms I have belonged to in the past – working out is actually fun and I look forward to seeing the usual crowd each night I head to MRT!

-Bill Perry

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  • Jo Stong

    YAAA, no more “relaxed fit!” for me either! Great job, Bill. See
    you Thursday!

  • Jay Steele

    This is awesome, Bill! Thanks so much for sharing your story. Force is constantly changing lives, showing us how we can really start living again. I am always so thrilled to read another Force Fitness success story. Congrats!

    • Bill Perry

      Thanks Jay, have been very happy with my progress so far but still have a ways to go. I am lucky to have a pretty flexible work situation and a very supportive manager that respects times blocked out on my schedule. I actually finished up our one-on-one conference call in the force parking lot Tuesday so that I wouldn’t miss my workout. 🙂

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