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 Over 878 lbs and 537 Inches Lost In the 2013 Fall Team Transformation Contest!

We had some amazing results in our Fall Team Transformation contest including 8 30lbs losses and over 12 people losing over 10% of their starting body weight.

That is a lot of fat that disappeared from people’s waists, hips and thighs!

Those results are only from the individuals that completed their final weigh in.  There was likely over a 1000 lbs lost if you count those that couldn’t attend or didn’t complete their final weigh in.

With results like that you can only imagine what our winning team and individual accomplished….

Our Winning Team Lost 143 lbs and 47.5 Inches!

Tiffany Huccaby TTC before and After


Michael McDonald TTC Before and After


Dedra Cole Donward TTC Before and After


Brent Huccaby TTC Before and After


Brent was also our overall winner losing 16.4% if his total starting weight over the course of just 8 week!

Congratulations to these four individuals and all the others that had such incredible success in the transformation contest.

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