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Congratulations to Justin Ellis the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

Justin Ellis has been with Force Fitness for five months and has lost 43 pounds! He would like to lose an additional 22 pounds to reach his goal of 65 pounds. He is well on his way to accomplishing that goal!

Justin really enjoys the group environment for his boot camp sessions. He likes the obligation that he feels to attend his sessions three times a week. He really enjoys the trainers and they help motivate him to attend each class. He likes that he is held accountable, and people notice if he does not attend.

Justin chose Force Fitness because he was looking to lose weight and wanted to start feeling better physically. He decided that it was time to make a change in his life.

Justin says he was a little nervous when he first started at Force, because he had never really been to a gym and had never attended a class like boot camp before. He says the nervous feeling went away very quickly, because he noticed that he was not going to be singled out and that no one cared how much weight he lifted or how many push-ups he could or could not do. He cannot wait to attend class, as he is surrounded by people that also want to feel better overall and everyone is supportive of one another.

Justin has accomplished his goals by attending boot camp sessions three times a week. He also stopped eating fast food, except for the occasional subway and he stopped drinking soda. He also takes a daily multivitamin, and tries to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into his diet.

Justin has received a lot of compliments from his friends and family, which makes him feel better and pushes him to continue working hard toward his goals.


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