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Congrats to Genean Nelson for being awarded the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month.

Each boot camp session Pam and I sit down to discuss everyone that has made incredible changes to their lives, been supportive of other members, supported the program, and shows us they truly are force fit.     There are always debates and it is very challenging trying to pick just one winner, but it must be done.

This month it was Genean!   She reached the huge weight loss bench mark of 30lbs this past boot camp.  More incredibly she lives in Indy and still makes it to every single boot camp.  That is dedication.


Genean started boot camp last July and has made tremendous progress in her weight loss and physical fitness.  She continues to make changes that boost her success.  She’s lost 31 lbs., 9 of them in the last 2 weeks!!  How 9 lbs. in two weeks??  She started the online meal plan program and started using Prograde products.  (And, her daughter’s wedding fast approaching may have been some extra incentive!) Her efforts and commitment to boot camp and the nutrition plan will undoubtedly guarantee her continued success!

Keep up the great work Genean!

You can see the dedication and effort that she puts in day after day and week after week to make this a permanent change in her life.   She makes this very simple!  Follow the nutrition plan, use the Prograde products and work your tail off in boot camp.   She is always looking to progress to the next level and challenge herself.  These are the simple little things that anyone can do to see results just like Genean’s.

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  • Cara Nelson

    Congrats! Im so proud of you.
    You look amazing!!!!

  • Dianna

    Nean, you are looking AWESOME!!! You have worked very hard to get where you are and are very deserviing of this recognition. I’m excited for you (and jealous).

    Congrats on your hard work paying off.

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