Bootcamp June Updates

 In Group Training

Upcoming Events – ForceFit Free Workouts

  • June 8th (Pat) and June 29th (Branden)

We will be having a free Hurricane workout open to all Clients/Friends/Family. This is a great opportunity to come and workout with our coaches here at Force. This is also a fun chance to show someone close to you how hard you have been working since your time at Force.

Bootcamp Class Updates:

  • LIFT:
    • Big Focus on introducing some new Landmine Movements this month and some of their harder variations! Also, we are working on putting some simple movements together like and Deadlift and Pull to really get the most out of our time!
  • Hurricane:
    • (Evening) Working on more Landmine movements and BW type Exercises. Also, a big focus on Core being staple of the Finishers!
    • (Morning) Getting back to the some of the feature exercises that make morning Bootcamp so great! Kettle Bell Swings, Trap Bar Deadlifts, Dumbbell Rows, and Sled Drives!
  • Restore:
    • Only on Saturday. We will be focusing on more mobility type movements in the Hips, Knees, Ankles, Spine, and Shoulders. We will also be working to progress in our stretching trying to go a little further than the last month.


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