Bringing Sexy (Arms) Back!

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Summer is right around the corner and besides sexy abs one of the most sought after attributes are sexy arms.  Seriously, who doesn’t want a great set of guns to parade around during the warm summer months is sleeveless tees, tank tops and your swim suit?

I know that I was one of the biggest advocates AGAINST direct arm training until just recently.  I had an epiphany and figured out a way to train my arms and still get in the work that I need to keep me moving well and getting the results I wanted.  Now I have a few secrets that allow me to get the biggest bang for my buck when it comes to arm training.

Before we move any further I have to tell you that if you want sexy arms we can’t only focus on the bicep. The real key to sexy arms are great triceps and shoulders.  If you have great triceps your biceps will look better!   So push ups and pressing are still key in your program, don’t avoid those for concentration curls, in fact don’t do any concentration curls at all.

Here are three great tri-sets that you can do to get great arms for the summer.  If you do this workout 2-3 times a week at the end of your current program you will have sexy looking, toned arms in no time!

To complete the tri-set you will complete 20s of work for each movement and seamlessly move into the next movement. No rest is to be taken between exercises.  At the end of the third exercise you can rest for 20s and then repeat one more time.


Tri-Set One Sexy Shoulders

20s  Alt DB Press

20s Alt Lateral Raises

20s Alt Front Raises

20s Rest and Repeat


Triset Two Tantalizing Triceps

20s Close Grip Push Ups

20s Tall Kneeling DB Alt Tricep Extensions

20s Top ½ Push Ups w/ Band

20s Rest and Repeat


Triset Three Bodacious Biceps

20s Alt Hammer Curls – Heavy

20s Iso Squat Concentration Curls

20s Eccentric Supine Grip Curls 5s down each

20s Rest and Repeat



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