Busy Mom of 4 Loses 6lbs and 8 inches

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Take a look at Deanna’s Success Story and see how a busy mom of 4, working two jobs has made time to take care of herself and impact her kids! 


Deanna has lost 6lbs and 8 inches after transforming her body in our 21 day challenge

1) Why did you start training at Force?  What were you hoping to accomplish?

As an employee at Monroe Hospital I had driven by Force Fitness for four years and had even stopped in twice after much curiosity.  At the time the structured Bootcamp times sounded too hard to accomplish with my schedule.  This year I decided it was time to make a change.  I worked it out with my department to do the early bootcamps and come to work just a half hour later and I never looked back.  In four weeks I was down six inches, in eight weeks I reached fourteen.  I have always been a small person so it wasn’t just weightloss, it was the recomposition I had always wanted.

2) What had you tried before?

I had personal trainers for two years straight at Bally’s in Greenwood which taught me my foundation to fitness.  Three days a week I attended the YMCA and did combination strength training with basic cardio.  I have never been a dieter and had taken very few supplements outside of post-workout drinks and protein shakes.  Nutrition for me has always been easy and I had already taken college level courses as electives.  Regardless of my healthy habits, I thought I had reached a plateau.

3) How did you feel before starting?  (Nervous, anxious, excited)

While I was excited about trying Force I was extremely nervous.  I was relieved to see that those attending the workshops were of all fitness levels and that the instructors worked with everyone individually to identify or correct technique.  I realized after the first week that no one was singled out and after watching the interaction of the group in each class, noticed quickly that everyone had become like a team.

4) How is Force different than the other programs you have tried or why were you successful at Force vs all your other attempts?

The structured MRTs create an environment of accountability.  The instructors push those of us they know are not reaching their fitness capacity for performance and at the same time, encourage us to back down when they know its not appropriate.  The regular emails are inspiring, with recipes, promotions and charities that keep the Force Team (clients and instructors) linked together within the organization and outside with the community.  The instructors are beyond the training in fitness and customer service than any other gym I have belonged to and the personalization of each program cannot be challenged.  Most importantly, Force has recognized that health is a total body experience and that the customer buy-in to their own goals is as important as the results.

5) What challenges did you have to overcome as you were working toward your goal?

My initial challenge was to push myself to my actual capabilities.  Both Brandon and Matt do an astounding job with leadership and encouragement and I rarely walk away without feeling like I had to do my best.  I could maybe do ten push-ups with a lot of encouragement to speak simply.  My greatest challenge remains occasional time constraints with having four children, a fulltime job and doing graduate school.  Since I make Force Fitness a part of my schedule, I adjust my program when life adjusts.  It stops seeming hard when it becomes something you are doing for yourself.  I never get tired of the results.

6) What do you love most about Force?

Force Fitness is like no other fitness organization in the community, nor any other community in which I have resided.  The MRT camps change monthly, retraining new muscles and pushing all of us to the next level.  The smiling faces of every team member at force and their ability to remember your name and abilities, creates a personalized environment.  I love even more that I feel a sense of accountability to my program and the nutritional workshops are just a bonus to what I learn there every day.

7) What do you love most about the changes you have made?

I’m a 31 year old mother of four and I feel better than I did in my 20s.  My energy levels remain consistent throughout the day, I feel like I look great in everything I wear and I get a compliment almost daily.  No one can every guess that I have actually given birth to 5 children and instead of looking good for being a mom, I feel like I just look great.  Most of all, I have no physical ailments, regardless of a strong family history of diabetes, hypertension, migraines, cancer, irritable bowel and many other diseases.  My kids can ever rehearse to people the importance of healthy foods and exercise, which means I am making a difference in their lives as well.

8) What advice would you give someone thinking about making changes?

Don’t wait, don’t set a date, don’t find reasons……Everyone has a reason to be healthy, everyone has the time and anyone can do it.

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