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Shelli made a big decision several weeks ago to really step up her game and get her body physically ready for a hiking trip she will be taking. Shelli came to Ryan after a few months of boot camp looking to really make big strides in the weeks prior to her trip. Big strides is an uderstatement!

Shelli lost over 16 lbs of fat in just a few weeks of following her nutrition plan and making sure to get to boot camp every chance that she was able to attend. She is now stronger, better balanced and adequately prepared to tackle her hiking excursion.

Shelli is following a high protein nutritional plan that includes whey protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood. The high protein regimen has been a bit of a challenge since she doesn’t eat any meat except fish and seafood. One of the keys is eating 6 times a day. She is never hungry since starting her nutrition transformation, often feeling like it is way too much food.

Shelli is a great example of setting a goal and sticking to it! We couldn’t be more proud of her!

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