Cheaper than therapy- Working Out!

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We can use a lot of different substances and activities to relieve stress, manage our emotions and create a sense of happiness or enjoyment.  Exercise just happens to be one of those activities that we can use to create a sense of well being.

I think it is much easier to grab a beer after a long, stressful day than it is to hit the gym.  I have been there and most times, probably would rather (at the immediate moment) grab a beer.  I know from experience however that when feeling a little down or stressed a great workout will have longer lasting and much healthier effects on my sense of well-being and health.

How many times have you went into a workout feeling sluggish, down and little depressed?   How did you feel after the workout?

I know that personally if I grind through a workout no matter the circumstance of how I am feeling mentally or emotionally I always come out on the otherside of the workout feeling invigorated, excited and happy.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment and self worth that is tough to beat and hard to match with any other activity.

You are probably thinking “Sure Ryan, but you own a gym!  It is easy for you to get in workouts and you always have access.”

I can’t argue that it should be easy for me to walk down the stairs of the office and hit up a workout.  I also have access to the facility 24/7 if I want.

I will counter your statement by asking one question:  What if the best way to reduce stress included the stuff you have to help people with on a daily basis for 12-15 hours a day on most days?

Would you like to have your health rely on you performing the stuff you do for your clients, customers, or in your business?

It is tougher than you might think to get in a workout and have it be enjoyable.  This is why I have started creating a little home gym for myself so that I can get away from Force Fitness if needed to get in a workout in my garage.  I can tell you that some of my best workouts in the past few months have taken place in my garage with a few bands, kettlebells, a TRX and pull up bar.  I will be acquiring more stuff for my home gym soon to make sure that I can always have an escape for my workouts.

The other thing that I did was get a workout partner.  I have someone that comes in every day to workout with me.  When I am not as motivated he pushes me!  When he is down I push him.  That is the best thing about a training partner.  It should also be a requirement for your training partners, they must motivate you and push you when you feel a little lazy or not up to working out.

I have even contemplated paying our trainers to coach me in workouts.  I need pushing just like everyone else.  I can write the workouts, but that doesn’t mean I will do them or I will work hard during them during each workout.

If you want to get the most out of your workouts for stress relief, health, mental wellbeing and results you need to do a few things:

1)      Schedule your workouts!   You have to make sure that your workouts are as high of a priority as your other meetings and appointments.   I have an hour blocked off each day for my workouts and people know not to schedule me anything during that time.    If I don’t do this I will skip them to continue working.

2)      Find a coach or workout partner.  This is an integral part in having long term success.  There is much more to hiring a coach than just doing the right exercises, much of it is about the accountability and the pushing that you will get during your session.

3)      Make the gym or your home gym and escape from the rest of the world.   When you workout turn off your cell phone and leave it in the car.  Don’t check your emails or texts.  We encourage all of our clients to leave their day at the door when they come in for training.  Nothing else matters at that point.  During the time you are at Force Fitness it is the best hour of your day.  It is going to be worry free and fun.   You have to have an escape, but you must create that atmosphere to ensure that you get the most from your training sessions.

Follow these three tips and you will be on track to not only get great results, but also turn your workouts into a therapy session for your mind and soul!

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    Great post Ryan. So true.

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