Check Out What’s Happening in Group Training in February

 In Group Training


  • Bring a Friend Month – February 18th – March 2nd

For every friend you bring, you receive a $15 credit applied to your account! Friends can come to unlimited sessions for free during the 2 weeks, but you only get $15 for the first time each new friend comes. Last year, a few of our clients nearly earned a free month, so bring ‘em in!


  • HURRICANE: More accountability, more individualization to help you lose weight

    When you come to Hurricane, expect to feel the burn, because Branden is watching! He’s paying special attention to your heart rate monitor to keep you in the correct zones to help you burn the maximum amount of calories. Even though you’re in a group setting, he’s holding you personally accountable, so get ready to WORK!

  • BEATS: We are focusing on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) this month!

    This month in Beats, we are focusing on bringing the heat to each movement. Clients have been really enjoying this sort of style because it is a new challenge. We know that the body responds and adapts rapidly to new stimuli, so as long as you are consistent, expect to see quick progress this next month

  • LIFT: We have shifted to a more metabolic style with the goal of helping you lose weight quicker. Don’t worry, we are still emphasizing improving form and adding weight so that you will see progress in your lifts. We’ve added the metabolic, circuit-style focus into supersets because both heavy lifting and consistent heart rate are necessary for weight optimal weight loss.
  • RESTORE: This month we are focusing on more aggressive soft tissue work (using the lax ball for more than just feet). A lot of clients have benefited from doing Restore right after Lift on Wednesdays or Hurricane on Saturdays – the back to back intensity and recovery provides the perfect balance. Remember, Stress + Rest = Growth! If you haven’t tried these classes back to back, give it a shot



We currently have 7 kids enrolled in FJC. Since I (Pat) have been over at Edgewood during the week coaching their throwers, Coach Isaac has taken over coaching FJC. He’s a big believer that more play = better athleticism, and the kids are loving it. They continue to grow in their abilities to jump/land, crawl/roll, Throw/catch, and Chase/evade.



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