Force Fitness Client of the Month Awards!

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Client of the Month

Kristie Weddle

Kristie first heard about Force Fitness on B97 because her job has her driving all the time. In November 2011 she decided that it was time to see what Force Fitness was all about and we were holding the 3 year anniversary celebration. She took it as a sign that she was meant to start training at Force when she was pulled as the winner on one of the raffles at the event and was able to get started on her training journey.

Since then Kristie has participated in the personal training program and began with just 2 days a week.  She was seeing a little weight come off and measurements going down, and saw that she was getting stronger. In April 2012, she had an emergency appendectomy and couldn’t work out for a month.  When she returned she tried to make up for some lost workouts and began coming in to Force 3 days a week in August.  That was when she really began to notice her results. Recently, she has decided to add additional training sessions and has added some metabolic resistance training session into her weekly routine, just to see how it will affect her results and to get in the best shape she can.

Kristie loves coming to Force because it’s the first time in her life that she can see results in the way her body looks as well as gage her performance.  Since she started at Force she has lost 6 pounds, 5% body fat and over 5 inches.  When she started at Force she could only do 2 chin ups and now she is very proud to say she can do 14! She really likes Force Fitness because the staff is always there to help her.  They are always trying to get her to the next level and help her achieve her goals.

The hard work she puts in to her training really pays off when people compliment her on the way she looks. Her next goal is to get her abs chiseled for the summer.  She hopes that she is walking proof that FORCE FITNESS is the place to be.

Boot Camp Client of the Month

Jo Stong

Jo Stong has been with Force Fitness since May 2012 and has lost 30 pounds since starting! She says that she can now do burpees, squats, and take walks with her dog and not be out of breath. Before she started training at Force tying her shoes used to get her out of breath, and she used to have to take a break between shoes.

Jo says that she loves the trainers at Force. They take good care of all of the clients and are extremely motivating. She appreciates the trainer’s attention to form. She enjoys the environment, as everyone gets to know each other in the boot camp and help motivate each other through the training session. She loves that the workout is fast and effective!

Jo says that she first started at Force because she wanted to do better with her physical maintenance. She took it as a sign when there was a 30 day offer to get a jump start at Force and she decided to continue after the initial 30 days.   Though she was a little nervous when she first started, the trainers put her at ease as she knew that they would not let her get hurt, which was the only thing that she feared.

Jo started training 2 times a week, but when it was time for her to renew her commitment she decided to kick it up to 3 times a week, which helped kick in her results. She also decided to adjust her nutrition to mainly just whole foods and clean eating. She has been able to cut out most sugars and processed foods which was something she was hesitant to do at first because she didn’t want her food to be messed with, but has not missed the items that she decided to eliminate.

Jo says that she is so surprised by all the reactions that she has received. People at work are saying that she is an inspiration to her and she lets them know what she has been doing. She is blown away because she absolutely loves boot camp and she really has never enjoyed exercise. She is 50 years old and has no cartilage in her knee, and is in the best shape that she has ever been in her whole life!

Athlete of the Month

Mason Adams

The entire staff decided to choose Mason Adams as the athlete of the month. Mason was chosen because of his hard work, and dedication to training. Mason is the youngest athlete ever chosen for the title of athlete of the month, but his age of 10 doesn’t mean that he is not a strong dude.

Mason began training at Force in August of this past year with the goal of being faster, and more agile for baseball. Through the training programs he has seen a tremendous improvement in these areas as well as his strength.  The “guns” he has developed hasn’t hurt his confidence either!

Mason stays motivated by his desire to be a better baseball player, not just for himself but for his entire all-star team. He knows his work could potentially help his team win more games.

One day Mason dreams of playing baseball for IU and then the White Sox, just like one of our pro athletes Micah Johnson has been able to achieve. Micah, and then entire staff at Force know that if he keeps working hard, he will make it happen.

If you want results just like Kristie, Jo, and Mason you can get them in our NO RISK 14 Day Jump Start Program for FREE!

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