Client of the Month – Angie Albertson

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1)  How long have you been at Force Fitness?  A little over a year and a half.

2)  What have you accomplished since starting?  Not only have I dropped body fat and inches and gotten into the best shape of my life, I have more importantly learned how strong I really can be, both mentally and physically.  I have so much more self confidence now than I had in my 20s or 30s.

3)  What are your future goals? To maintain and build on what I have accomplished so far…and to do at least ONE real chin up unassisted!

4) What do you like best about Force Fitness?  I could go on forever about this.  I like the variety of the workouts and how things are always changing and never boring.  I love the support and camaraderie you get both from the trainers and fellow Force members.  I like being nudged (okay, pushed) to always do a little more than I think I can do (and I always can).  The trainers at Force are so great about working around pain and injuries and tweaking workouts for you so you can still get great results.  And finally, I really like the fact that I can incorporate cardio into my strength training without spending ANY time on a treadmill and still get the results I want.

5)  Why did you start coming to Force Fitness?  My husband brought home a brochure, thinking he might join, but I was the one to sign up.  I just knew I needed a good swift kick in the butt to get going and I wasn’t going to do that on my own.

6) Were you nervous when you started?  How do you feel now?  Heck yeah I was nervous!  The gym looks intimidating when you first walk in (this ain’t no YMCA!) and the term “boot camp” sounds scary, but now I truly feel at home at Force and always look forward to going to the gym.  It’s a great addiction to have!

7)  What did you do to accomplish your goal?  How days per week?  Nutrition?  Supplements? I do the personal training two days a week and boot camp twice a week.  I worked as hard as I could in the gym, tried to do at-home workouts on some of my off days and while on vacation.  I try to follow Ryan’s 90/10 rule:  being very careful about nutrition 90% of the time and relaxing a bit on the remaining 10%.  I also use nearly all of the Prograde supplements:  protein powder, Lean meal replacement, VGF, EFA, Metabolism, and Workout (my favorite!).

8) How do your friends and family react to your changes?  I often get compliments from people I haven’t seen in a while.  I even inspired my aunt to consider buying her own TRX.

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