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Congratulations to Michele Brentano the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Michele Brentano has been a member of Force Fitness since we opened and participated in boot camps that Ryan taught before the facility opened. In training she has been able to maintain her weight and strength, but recently she has been losing weight and inches and her clothes are fitting and feeling better. She has also improved on her push-ups!

Michele would like to lose five to ten more pounds and be able to maintain that weight. She would also like to be able to do a pull-up or chin-up without the assistance of a band. Her main goal is to stay strong, fit and healthy throughout her life.

Michele says that she really enjoys the trainer’s at Force, as she has been working with personal trainers for a long time. She feels that Force Fitness has met and exceeded her expectations for training. She says the trainers are always helpful, encouraging, knowledgeable, and positive in her training. She also enjoys the atmosphere, and the other clients that she gets to work with in personal training and boot camp.

Michele chose Force Fitness because she was looking for a new personal trainer, and Ryan at Force Fitness was recommended for her training needs. She finds it difficult to be motivated and stick to a schedule if it is just her, so she likes that she is held accountable in her training.

Michele has been able to accomplish her goals by attending personal training two times a week and boot camp two times a week. She has also added the Nutrition Coaching Program, which has helped her look at her nutrition with someone helping her to make the appropriate adjustments. She also takes the Prograde women’s VGF 25+ and fish oil supplements which help her stay healthy. She also takes the Prograde Protein for snacks and before workouts.

Michele has received positive feedback from her friends and has been receiving a lot of compliments. She hopes that her friends will be inspired by her and join her on her journey towards being fit, strong and healthy.

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