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Karolina Serafin starting attending Force Fitness since November 2011, but says mentally started in January. She has lost about 15 pounds and gone from a 6 pant size to a 2! She has also, cut her time on her long runs under 10 minutes a mile!

Karolina would like to run 3, half marathons between now and May and complete the half marathon under 2 hours. She says if she has the time and energy (after working with the Force trainers) she might try to run a marathon this year.

Karolina says that she enjoys the people the most at Force Fitness. She really enjoys the trainers because they push her and if she gives them a hard time, they push her even harder! She likes that she can be herself when she works out and does not have to impression anyone or deal with rejection from other clients.

Karolina started coming to Force Fitness because she needed a gym when she first moved to Bloomington and she was getting frustrated with running and running and not seeing changes. She wanted to lift weights and get stronger but was not motivated to do it without the push from others. When she first started she was excited and curious because it was something new, and now she says Force is the highlight of her week, as she gets to clear her mind with a great workout.

Karolina was able to reach her goals by meeting with Amber to discuss her nutrition and really understand how easy it was for her to implement the nutrition changes that she needed to make. She trusts the nutrition choices that Amber shared with her and she has had success. She also attends two personal training sessions a week.

We encourage Karolina to keep pushing herself and to keep working hard toward her goals!


Boot Camper of the Month

Congratulations to Vinnie Carpenter the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

Vinnie started with Force Fitness in August 2011 with personal training and added boot camp in September. She has lost 20 lbs and her Harley Davidson jeans that used to not go passed her thighs, she now says look like loose fit jeans!

Vinnie says her physicians are impressed with her weight loss, muscle tone, lower cholesterol and BMI (27.6 to 24.2). Her future goals are to maintain her weight, look fit, and get stronger.

Vinnie really enjoys the coaching staff at Force. She is amazed by their ability to tailor or modify a program for the individual’s need. She had a shoulder and foot injury and loved that the coaches helped modify and check in to make sure the injuries are not flaring up with the new exercises.

Vinnie started at Force because she needed a place that would work with her limitations and she heard about Force on the radio. She was anxious to see what program Force had designed for her and her limitations and was excited to exercise again.

Vinnie attends boot camp three times a week with the occasional extra boot camp workout. She also does a strength workout twice a week, and when the weather is nice she walks about 3 to 5 miles. She has changed her nutrition and rarely consumes grains or processed sugars and watches her dairy intake. She takes a multi-vitamin, fish oil, D3, and calcium supplement.

Her family has been really supportive. Her husband has gotten on board with the nutrition changes and jogging and is down 25 lbs. Her daughter joined the Force boot camp classes and changed her nutrition. They have shared a closer bond in their fitness journeys!


Athlete of the Month

Force Fitness and its staff are proud to announce that Bryce Aldridge has been named athlete of the month for his outstanding work ethic and accomplishments in the gym.

Bryce has been training with Wil and the Force coaches for almost 3 years and was one of the very first athletes we had the pleasure of working with.  It has been an absolute joy to see Bryce become the athlete he is today.

Bryce started training with us to improve his performance as a baseball and football player.   He has seen himself become STRONGER and FASTER and he is more confident in his abilities on the field than he ever was before.  Recently Bryce wanted to put on lean muscle mass and has increased his bodyweight by more than 10 lbs by improving his diet and training 3 days a week.

Bryce wants to continue to see what he is capable of and reach his true potential. He hopes to test his abilities by making it to the collegiate level in baseball.  With the support of trainers and coaches that he says are the best part of training he WILL get there.

We are excited that Bryce has chosen us to help him prepare for the next level, and we are all excited to see him play baseball this spring. Congratulations to you Bryce!


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