Client of the Month Awards!

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Congratulations to Monica Erk the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

Monica has been with Force since October 2011 when she started boot camp. Monica has lost 40lbs and says she can tell a big difference in her strength, endurance, and her muscle tone. When she first started she did not enjoy working out and now she doesn’t like to go a day without it because she feels healthier and happier within her new lifestyle. Monica would like to lose another 45lbs and is actively working towards this by doing Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do, along with her personal training and boot camp sessions. Monica says she really likes the community here and how it feels like a family. She says everyone is great and very supportive.

Monica decided to join Force when she became fed up with herself and she was really ready for a change. Monica says she was at her heaviest weight when she started her at Force in October 2011. She had tried losing weight on her own and she says it seemed as if the scale always went up. She decided that she really needed to overhaul her fitness and eating habits, or things for her would never get better.

When Monica first came to Force she says she was very nervous, she knew that she had just signed up for an intense workout and was not sure she was truly up for the challenge. Monica says it was very hard at first, but she kept with it because she knew she needed a change. Monica now loves boot camp and hates to miss even one session. She finds it very encouraging to have other boot campers and a trainer there to help encourage her to work her hardest at each session.

Monica started out with attending boot camp 2 times a week and around the end of January she committed to the Transformation Challenge, it was at that point that she decided to add a personal training day to her workout schedule. She also changed her nutrition and sticks with eating one healthy protein, vegetable, and fat for lunch and dinner. She says it was hard at first to change her ways of eating, but now it is just a way of life for her. She also helps supplement her diet and exercise by taking a multivitamin, fish oil, BCAA, and Vitamin D3. She has also bumped it up from working out 3 times a week to working out 5 times a week. Monica says her friends, family, and co-workers can all see a difference and are very excited by all the progress she has made.



Congratulations to Chel Domer the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Chel has been with Force since July 2011. Chel says that since starting here at Force she has gained strength and now has muscles in places she didn’t know existed. She says she can now wear a lot of the clothes in her closet that she has been unable to wear for a long time and she even had to buy a smaller belt. Chel says that when she started Force she didn’t really have a set goal and so the coaches here at Force helped her come up with one… handstand push-ups. She says she worked on those for months, until she could finally do a few of them up against the wall. Chel wants to continue with her fitness by sticking to a regular workout schedule and to keep getting stronger. Chel says she likes the staff, the clients, and the ever changing and challenging workouts best about Force.

Chel says she started coming to Force when Ryan badgered her into it at the Taste of Bloomington last year. Ryan promised her that if she’d try the program she would be hooked and, he was right. Chel says her husband, Rodney, had been coming for some time at that point and he really enjoyed the workouts and didn’t appear to be getting bored, so Chel decided to try Force out. Chel says she was very nervous when she first started, because it was a different workout for her and she didn’t know anyone. She says that after she got used to the programs and started working out with the same group of people it really became fun for her.

Chel she tries to get into Force for personal training 3 times a week. She says the trainers are great and they make sure you are REALLY trying and if your workouts seem too easy they push you to do more reps, or add more weight, or more resistance. Chel says she drinks the a Metabolic Drive Protein shake in the morning for breakfast and takes a multivitamin, fish oil, and flax meal daily.

We have all noticed her hard work and dedication to her training and encourage her to keep progressing toward her future goals.


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    Woo-hoo, Monica! I am so proud and happy for you, and not even slightly jealous 😉 Rock on!

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