Client Of The Month Awards!

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Congratulations to our Force Client’s Of the Month!

Holly Davis

Holly has been with Force Fitness for 9 months and has lost 22 pounds, several inches, and 2 clothing sizes! She has gained a new self confidence and has established a responsibility health and fitness.

Holly is currently training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. She has never really been a runner, but is a very goal oriented person and is getting a lot of help with her training to help her be ready for the half marathon.

Holly likes that the trainers that the time to get to know the clients so they are truly able to individualize the workouts, so she will be able to reach her goals. They know of her injuries and check on her frequently to make sure she is doing the exercises correctly and that she is not experiencing any pain during the workouts. Right now, her program is designed to get her strong and conditioned for February.

Holly wasn’t nervous when she first started but she says that she lacked the confidence that she could succeed. She was fearful that she would give up early on and end up right where she started. Now she knows that getting into Force to complete her programs is part of her lifestyle. She decided that this will be how she defines herself! She says she has a fantastic support system at the gym with people that want to see her succeed.

Holly has been attending personal training twice a week for the last 9 months. This summer she added in boot camp sessions and started running. She also just completed the Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition program, and had most of her success in changing her nutrition. She also discovered that being well rested makes all the difference in her training.

Holly’s friends and family have commented on her weight loss, but several people have told her that she inspires them, which she values more than people saying “Wow” about her weight loss. We encourage her to keep working hard and we know that she will do well at the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Dominique Webber-Hunt

Dominique Webber-Hunt has been with Force Fitness since April 2011. Since starting she has lost 40 pounds, gained strength, and changed her eating habits. Her future goals are to decrease her body fat percentage to 27% and she wants to be able to complete a Tough Mudder race next year.

Dominique really enjoys her fellow boot campers and the coaching that she receives with Force Fitness. She says Force has really helped her stay positive and loves that she is able to work hard and get rid of her stress at the same time. She finds it easier to push herself because she enjoys the clients and the coaching.

Dominique started attending Force because she is a pastry chef and is surrounded by carbs daily and a friend told her about Force. She was beyond nervous when she first started but came to boot camp and now she looks forward to every session. She finds it extremely uplifting to see her strength increase and that she is able to push herself. She is amazed at her progress as they have been many things that she never thought she would be able to do.

Dominique has adjusted her diet to more of a Paleo/Primal diet. She attends boot camp 3 times a week and tries to add in at least one additional workout at home. She has also been taking Biotest protein, BCAA’s and a multivitamin.

Dominique has had several of her friends that have ended up signing up and attend the sessions with her. People that she has not seen in awhile end up doing a double take as they are amazed by her changes. Her family is really happy for her, and they have started a competition to see who can become the healthiest by next summer. She is extremely happy about the changes she has made and is looking forward to her journey.

 Bryce Frazier

Force Fitness and Performance is proud to announce that Bryce Frazier has been named athlete of the month. Bryce was selected by the entire team of coaches at Force for his amazing work ethic and outstanding improvement. Bryce has turned himself into a tremendous athlete due to his hard work and dedication.

Bryce Frazier began training with Force just 9 months ago, with the goal of becoming physically stronger and improving his vertical jump. He has successfully done both, and notes that he “feels stronger mentally, through gained confidence. “ Bryce has improved all of his lifts as he prepares for high school basketball, and his improved power will help him on the court.

He stays motivated by knowing, without a doubt that the work he puts in during his times in the gym will make him better on the court. His hard work pays off by the feeling he gets after a workout, he KNOWS that he is doing what it takes to be the best basketball player he can be.

Bryce will continue to get faster and stronger in hopes of playing varsity basketball at Bloomington North high school. We all see a really bright future for Bryce as he continues to improve.

Congratulations Bryce! We are very proud of the athlete you are becoming!


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  • Lori Vernon

    Yeh Holly! Congrats on your accomplishments so far! Keep up the great work!

  • johnbartram

    congratulations to all, Keep up with your work. Starting a fitness Training program may be one of the best things can do for health. Physical activity can reduce risk of chronic disease, improve balance and coordination, help lose weight – even improve sleep habits and self-esteem.

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