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We want to welcome our newest members of the client Wall of Fame at Force Fitness!

Congratulations to Deb Dunbar the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Deb Dunbar has been with Force Fitness since Mid-January and has lost 20 pounds and 14 inches! She says she isn’t quite to her goal but is almost at her halfway point, and feels driven to reach her goal. She plans on making working out a way of life.

Deb really enjoys the trainers’ philosophy and staff at Force. She likes that she is accomplishing steps toward her goal due to the customized work outs and the pushing from the evening staff. She says there is no doubt that Force has an incredible team who know their mission and values and believes in what you do. “Force people are the absolute best!”

Deb started coming to Force when she met Amber through a presentation to a group that she is one of the members. As Amber explained the philosophy and approach of Force, something clicked and she decided to make a life change. She met with Amber 2 days later and started working toward her goals. She was scared to death to go to her first session, but now she cannot wait and wants to attend more and more training days per week.

Deb says that since Force asks their clients to be 90% compliant in and out of the gym, she tries to be 99% compliant with her nutrition and workouts. She supplements at home workouts when she is not at Force for her three times a week of personal training.

Deb says her family and friends really notice a mental and physical change and she sees the beginning of a process of change. Keep working hard to reach your goals!

Congratulations to George Trippany the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

George has been with Force Fitness for one year and has lost 80 pounds, numerous inches, reduced his body fat percentage into the teens, and gained a lot of confidence! His goal now is to continue to maintain! He says that he is NOT going back!

George really enjoys the fact that at Force he knows he is not alone. He has his loving wife is right by his side for inspiration. He loves the family atmosphere. He says it is like a family because everyone knows how difficult it is and they support each other in trying to reach their goals then maintain.

George started coming to Force for the Summer Slim down Challenge in April 2011 as part of the team Chicken Florentine! He started coming and has not stopped. He was also the individual winner of that challenge! He was nervous when he first started, as he had met Ryan a few years back at the softball fields and always shrugged off the invites to boot camp as he figured it was not for him. Boy was George wrong! He looks forward to his Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday workouts.

George has been very successful by sticking to the program that Force has provided, mentally, physically, and nutritionally. He tries to push himself every workout and goes to boot camp 3 to 4 times a week. He focuses on eating protein and veggies and takes a multivitamin and fish oil supplements.

His family and friends are amazed and impressed and cannot believe all he has achieved! He loves it! We encourage George to keep pushing himself and working hard!

Congratulations to Caleb Arthur the Force Fitness Athlete of the Month!

The team at Force Fitness and Performance has selected Caleb Arthur as the athlete of the month. Caleb has been selected for his hard work, amazing results, and outstanding attitude.

Caleb has been training at Force for almost 1 ½ years and has literally transformed his body to become a great athlete. Caleb has focused his efforts on becoming the best football player possible, through improvements in strength, power and explosiveness.  Achieving goals along the way Caleb’s confidence has improved and along with it his DESIRE has grown even more!

Caleb has seen tremendous results in his Olympic lifts; his Snatch has improved nearly 50 lbs in the last 6 months.  Along with that Caleb’s bodyweight has decreased, while his overall muscle mass has increased!

Caleb is motivated by always looking forward to next week. He has clearly defined goals and each week he is working on knocking down the next barrier and getting better. His favorite part of training is, TRAINING! He loves the feeling he gets from working out.

The entire Force team would like to congratulate Caleb on his outstanding accomplishments and look forward to watching him perform in 2012!


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